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TSS: Buying Books!

Posted by Caitie F on January 16, 2011

Hope you have had a good weekend so far! So happy it isn’t over yet in the US! I am really looking forward to relaxing on Monday — and I will probably get some reading done!  We have had a good weekend – did dinner and games with friends on Friday and finally met our niece today! She is adorable and so tiny (she is only 3 weeks old)!

Before we went to meet her, we headed to the local B&N. Two friend of ours gave us a gift card. Originally we thought we would use it for a new game, but once we looked there and didn’t see anything we wanted, we decided we would buy some books for the first time in a while.

It should not shock anyone that I got Across the Universe. I will probably start reading it this week since I don’t want to rush it, so look for that review later this week – i have been waiting to read past page 50 since February!

After I grabbed that, we spent another hour there. I found another book I wanted very quickly, but my husband took forever. We don’t buy books often since we have so many unread books on our shelves, but there was nothing he was itching to buy. Instead of grabbing the first thing that looked good, he picked up a LOT of books and thought about it. I went over to the YA fantasy section and picked out three I thought we both might like…but he said no to all of them. Sigh.

Finally he decided he wanted to try The Game of Thrones again and got that, and we bought a collection of short stories that we pick up every time we go there. I asked why he took so long since I could have found $200 worth of books in the time he took to find $40. He told me that he wanted to make sure it was something he wanted to on and be really careful about his decision.

When you go into a bookstore what do you do? Do you go in knowing what you want? Do you grab the first couple books you see that you want? Or do you spend time searching for just the right thing? Let me know in the comments!



5 Responses to “TSS: Buying Books!”

  1. Amanda said

    I try to know before i go in, just like grocery shopping. Otherwise I spend too much or get frustrated because I can’t spend more. 😀 Though at Half Price Books I tend to browse more.

  2. I look around. I used to buy whatever struck my fancy, but now, I’m trying to be careful and only buy books that I think I’ll read soon. My son is reading The Game of Thrones too.

  3. J said

    The reason I took so long is that you read SO fast that I wanted to make sure the books we got were books that justified us buying them! I don’t see the point in buying books for you that you finish in an hour when we can find books that either A)we’ll both read and enjoy, B)will take YOU a substantial amount of time (like the Game of Thrones) C)are books that we’ll read over an extended period of time (like Peter’s book on theater that we’re both reading) or D)are books that we’ll return to again and again.

    What was the point of rushing? We both love browsing in bookstores and haven’t done it nearly as much lately as we used to!

  4. Linda said

    I usually go with something in mind. If not, I’ll spend a fortune!

  5. I’m sort of a mix. I tend to go in knowing at least one book I want, but get easily distracted by the buy 2 get 1 free books or things like that. So then I end up with something I know less about and sort of think I want.

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