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Things that make me happy

Posted by Caitie F on February 28, 2016

A meme went around twitter yesterday and I was feeling kinda crappy, so I decided to do it! For every like, I listed on thing (not person) that makes me happy). I didn’t want to lose it to the timeline of twitter, so I wanted to post it here too.

1. Getting a client’s edited or new manuscript in my inbox.
2. There is a google hangout I get to be a part of. It brings me happiness every single day.
3. Obviously, books. They make me happy in multitudes of ways (may get more specific later)
4. Podcasts. I get to learn about other people’s experiences, see the world differently, and learn new things.
5. That feeling when I read a manuscript and know I am going to offer on it.
6. Playing board games. All kinds of board games (except purely co-op games. Someone needs to be able to win).
7. Twitter. Sometimes it isn’t great, but it is my favorite social media and most of the time, it makes me really happy.
8. Messages or emails from my friends around the world. I can’t always reply right away, but seeing them hit my inbox = instant happiness
9. My job. It have my dream job, it makes me so happy, even though like all jobs it has its moments.
10. Music. I love every genre of music.
11. Random acts of kindness. Every time I see people being kind to each other, it makes me really happy.
12. Swimming. I am so glad I am doing it again.
13. Saving money. I would rather save money so I can do big things than instant gratification, so whenever I save, I’m happy.
14. Theater. I love theater almost as much as I love books.
15. Singing. I don’t do it is public anymore, since I used to really do it and just notice mistakes, but doing it makes me happy.
16. Great public transportation systems. If I can get around on my own, it makes me beyond happy.
17. Small dogs. Especially shih tzus. They make me smile all the time.
18. To get political – the results tonight in SC are making me pretty happy right now.
19. Deadpool. Weeks later and I am still randomly thinking of lines and scenes from that movie.
20. My bathrobe. It is SO comfy.
21. Spending time with funny people.
22. Ice cream. It probably makes me too happy but it is my weakness.
23. Jeopardy. We have a bunch on our DVR, and will watch them all. Trivia in general makes me happy.
24. Disney and Pixar movies. I see almost all of them.
25. Puzzles. Word, logic, jigsaw, and more. (I am such a nerd)
26. Going to a bookstore. Even if I don’t buy anything, just being there makes me feel better.
27. Intersectional feminism.
28. Cross stitching. I don’t do it as often as I should.
29. Throwing things away. I love it when I realize I don’t need something anymore.
30. Alcohol. I am a happy drunk.
31. Playing poker. I haven’t in forever but it’s awesome.
32. The golden age of television. So much great stuff!
33. Lazy Sunday breakfasts. They are the best.
34. My fruit infuser pitcher. Having delicious strawberry water right now.
35. Living a three minute walk away from my library.
36. Travel. I want to do it more, but traveling makes me so happy.
37. Coffee. And tea. Hot beverages in general are pretty awesome.
38. Books that give me all the feels. If a book can do that, it is amazing.
39. This video of dancing baby goats.
40. When my friends get good news I get almost as happy as if I got that good news
41. When I see my clients are excited about what they are writing/editing.
42. Hotels with great water pressure.
43. Marriage equality.
44. Hamilton. (I know, what a shock!)
45. Geeking out about books with editors over coffee or lunch.
46. Starting a new book and diving into a new world. Also reading the next book in a series and getting to go back into a world I love.
47. Conversations about pop culture with smart people.
48. Spending time with @jasonflum
49. Pre-ordering books months before they come out.
50. Getting my query inbox to 0.
51. Planning vacations. Going on them is fun, but planning them just makes me happy. I plan trips I will probably never take.
52. Sarcasm. How did it take me so long to list sarcasm?



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