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TSS: Fall is here and I am not excited

Posted by Caitie F on September 26, 2010

Today there are so many posts with proclamations of “Fall is here!” with lots of excitement. I don’t understand that excitement at all. I am not happy with the transition from summer to fall for many reasons.

1. My allergies kick in again. I am allergic to trees, both when they are growing, and when the leaves are falling. Especially when the leaves are falling. While a good pile of leaves looks like a lot of fun to jump in, I would have issues breathing for a week as a result.

2. I get my asthma cough. When it gets colder, I suddenly can’t breath. I used my rescue inhaler six times last week. I have  had to use it once when I wasn’t exercising before in my entire life. I am heading to the doctor tomorrow to find out if there is something I can take because this cough sucks and breathing has been difficult.

3. It is that horrible season when I have nothing I can wear. I have a ton of summer clothes – T-Shirts and polo shirts, skirts and dresses. I have tons of winter clothes – corduroy pants, vests, and big comfy sweaters. But fall? I have some 3/4 length shirts but not much else. And then you get the days when you need to dress for both!

4. Summer is over. I love summer and everything that goes with it – swimming outside in the chlorine, heading to the beach, reading a book in the sun, the fairs and festivals and everything else! Fall is the beginning of all of my favorite things ending.

I do love taking drives and looking at the pretty leaves, but that doesn’t make up for all of the things I dislike!

Are you like me? Or do you love fall? Let me know and try to convince me of why I should in the comments!


5 Responses to “TSS: Fall is here and I am not excited”

  1. Jason said

    You know fall’s my favorite season – the smell of the leaves, the chill in the air, apple cider (you know you love apple cider), new fall TV shows, getting to sleep under the warm comforter again, and those lazy Sunday mornings when waking up takes an hour. How can you not love all that?

  2. AmyKB said

    fall is my favorite (although winter was my favorite as a kid). I love the leaves changing colors, the fall festivals, the corn mazes & cider, pumpkin ice cream, costume parties, Rocky Horror, the start of Christmas shopping (I almost always start in September), the new television season, the football, the traveling… and, of course, the holidays. By the time it’s *technically* winter, all the good stuff has happened already, not counting actual Christmas.

  3. Fall and winter are my favorites. I think a lot of it has to do with where I live though. First, its common to have triple digit heat in the summer. That makes things very difficult to enjoy anything that occurs outside. Fall and winters here are beautiful. Although they may be cold, cooler or windy, the sun is still shining. Most of my families outdoor activities take place in the fall and winter. i love the holiday season and more than anything, I think that I love fall and winter because it brings family and friends closer. When s the leaves start to change, people’s attitudes towards each other do also. great post.

  4. Amanda said

    It’s funny, because coming from Texas, it’s very different here. Here, summer lasts for six months (at least) and the temperatures are so hot you can’t go outside for any prolonged period of time. Last summer, for instance, there were 75+ days of 100+ degrees. At night, it never gets below the mid-80s, so there’s never a break from the heat. Even the pools are tepid! I send my boys outside early in the morning, like before 8, so they can have half an hour in semi-warm (ie not scorching hot) temps before they come in, red faced and sweaty, and have to shower. Most of the time, you have to stay indoors.

    For at least six months of the year, your windows stay closed at all times. There is no spring cleaning here, there’s fall cleaning. In the fall, you finally have a night or two when you can open the windows because it’s getting to the mid-60s at night. You might be able to briefly turn off the overhead fans in order to dust the 1-inch thick layer of dust off them. Of course, it’s only cold enough to not use those fans for about two months of the year, so they stay on for 10 months straight, but still, at least when fall starts, you can dust them!

    Our first cool front of the year is coming through right now. Tonight, for the first time since about March, the temps will go down enough for us to open the windows and air out a little. It’s going to feel wonderful having real air for the first time in so long! Of course, Fall isn’t the season for leaves falling here. Most plants die for most of the summer, and then, if there’s rain, they start growing around this time. The leaves won’t fall until late Nov or early Dec, when it finally gets to about 50 degrees outside.

    I’ve lived in the south for most of my life, but spent 5 years in Wisconsin from 2001-2005. I absolutely loved Fall there! Real fall! Real cold fronts! Leaves turning colors!! Real seasons. We don’t have them here. There’s pretty much just summer and a semi-spring-like season for the other 4-6 months of the year (depending on how long summer lasts). I’m seriously jealous of everyone talking about their fall weather! We’re still wearing shorts and tank tops and sweating to death!

    (oh and I absolutely adore winter clothes. It’s the summer clothes I hate. 😀 )

    • Caitie F said

      I know I would never want to live in Texas. Or Arizona, even though the only allergies I would worry about would be dust. But taht is just too hot. Winter clothes really are awesome, as are summer. It is the 45-65 degree weather that I hate finding clothes for!

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