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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (don’t worry no spoilers)

Posted by Caitie F on July 15, 2011

Ok, well no spoilers if you have read the books, but I won’t say if things were or were not in the movie. Any talk of it is just saying I hoped it would be there.

Last night I headed to the theater for the last Harry Potter movie. I didn’t care if it was late or crowded. I needed to be there for the midnight showing. I needed to be around people who were connected to this series and by this series. With others who would cheer when Neville killed the snake and cry when Harry used the Stone.I wanted to feel like I was with the community in a large scale one last time (well until I can finally go to another convention, but it was really the last time as a large group).

And it didn’t disappoint. The movie theater management did because it was a mess that resulted in us running from theater to theater to find an empty seat even though we bought our tickets a week ago (yeah, AMC heard about that one from me today!) and finally getting seats as the last trailer started.

But the movie didn’t disappoint at all. David Yates and all the actors got what this movie meant. It was almost perfect (one edit was a little off, but that is only ONE EDIT). My two favorite scenes of the entire series were not only in the movie, but were acted perfectly. I could not ask for more.

I laughed (so glad they added in a couple jokes that weren’t in the book). And I cried. I cried four times during the movie.

But more than that, as Jason and I walked out of the theater, I just had tears streaming down my face and I couldn’t stop.

It is over.

It is really over.

No more midnight releases. No more waiting anxiously to see what comes next or how they adapt it. No more excited anticipation and the long talks of what they better keep and how they better do it. Just…no more. There is a DVD release, but I just can’t get myself to be as excited about it. Will I get the inevitable 8 disc + Blu-Ray set? Yes, but it just won’t be able to be like this ever again.

Jason didn’t get it. I don’t think many people out of my generation can get it. Some will, but most won’t, not really. I read the first Harry Potter book when I was 12. I have been a fan from the very beginning. Now I am 24. Harry has ben with me for half my life.

I grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I learned things from them about love, respect, and friendship. This series was a huge part of my development into who I am today. I will miss them. I can always go back to the books, and I know I will, but it just isn’t the same.

I will miss Harry, Hogwarts, and the entire world that J. K Rowling created.

I think I will get back into wizard rock. I haven’t been interested in a while, but I miss the people. I made some great friends from this series and I don’t want to lose them now that it is down.

To end, I will just quote the amazing duo of Riddle (TM)’s song “For Jo”

“Enchanted the world with the story you wrote of a boy who was ordinary.
And now parents read to children who have long been asleep, ’cause they want to know more about wizard Harry. How far you have come. How far you have come.
So, Ms. Rowling, here is a song I wrote for you.
‘Cause I’m grateful for all that you’ve taught me, and inspired me to do.
You showed me good triumphs over evil, and you taught the whole world how to read.
So thank you, Ms. J.K. Rowling.
Thank you so much for Harry.”

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Harry Potter Books vs Movies

Posted by Caitie F on August 13, 2010

So usually, the book is at least 10 times better than the movie. The only times that I enjoyed the movie more is if I really didn’t like the book. However, I usually give the movie credit and appreciate it for what it is.

With Harry Potter, that was a different story. When I read the first book, I thought about how it would make a really cool movie, and I thought that about all of the books. The first two movies disappointed me. I thought some of the casting was off (other than Harris as Dumbledore, he was exactly what I pictured!) and I thought they cut some story lines that I really like and emphasized some things that I thought were not as important. But they were decent movies.

I went to see Prisoner of Azkaban with a couple friends who had never read the books – and this was my favorite of the Harry Potter books at that point. I probably had read it over twenty times.. I ended up walking out of the movie and waiting for them outside. I hated that they were wearing Muggle clothes. I hated that they took out the Firebolt story. I hated the acting choices and I hated the new Dumbledore – he was nothing like the Dumbledore I loved in the books (and only got worse with the rest of the books).

I didn’t see the fourth movie in theaters because I was so disappointed. I saw it later and thought it was ok. The fifth and sixth movies were big improvements. I think David Yates really got the look and feel of the movies right. I also think the acting got a lot better – they were not just kids anymore, they were good actors who brought the books alive with their characters. The minor characters were excellent. The movies were not perfect by any means, but they were better than I expected.

I really hope that the last two movies don’t disappoint. There are certain moments that I am really looking forward to seeing in the movies and I think they will do those moments justice.

Do you like the Harry Potter movies? Were you really disappointed with a movie version of one of your favorite books? Let me know in the comments!

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Posted by Caitie F on August 11, 2010

Conferences are not something unique to Harry Potter. Comic Con has been going on forever. A few friends of mine just got back from Gen Con (a game conference). While they are not the only conferences there are, I really think they are something special.

I went to one conference, Terminus, in August of 2008. It took place in Chicago and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. There were meals, discussion groups, concerts (both planned an impromptu), a dance, and so much more. I loved seeing the papers presented and discussed.

I never thought about how much Harry Potter had my thinking about different issues. My favorite discussion was about education in Harry Potter and the benefits and drawbacks to the system. We talked about how the sorting is good for classrooms because the students tend to have similar learning styles if they are in the same house, but also that students who learned differently from there peers are even more disadvantaged because they are one of the only students learning in a different way. We also like that students have the same teachers for subjects every year and that in most cases it made for better education because the teachers knew them (but on the opposite side, they got stuck with Professor Binns every year). It was a fascinating discussion that had me thinking for days!

The one thing I loved the most though, was the people. If I was walking someone alone and someone saw my badge, they would run over and say hello and ask if I wanted to join their group. It was great. especially since I went only having talked to a few people online before the conference. We stayed up late in rooms that were having acoustic shows and really got to know each other very quickly. I met people from all over the world – a few girls from Australia, some of the nicest people from England, and two people I had been talking to online for a while, one from Germany and one from Ireland. I also met some amazing people from the US who I have seen since.

The conference that is coming up that I am most excited about is LeakyCon 2011. LeakyCon is a conference that is for charity and hosted by the Harry Potter fansite, The Leaky Cauldron. They will be doing an event at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, having concerts, doing panels, and have a YA Lit Day, where they will be bringing in YA authors and agents for an all day event. It looks like a great time. I am going to try to make it (we will see how finances look later in the year) and hope that some of my friends will too.

Even if you don’t love Harry Potter, I would really recommend going to a conference of some kind. Find something you love, there is probably a conference for it somewhere (or it is combined with other interests in another conference). They really are a great experience!

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Happy Birthday Harry!

Posted by Caitie F on July 31, 2010

Today, Harry Potter (the character) turned 30 (and J K Rowling just turned 45)! To celebrate, I am going to do some Potter posts for the week.

I have one favor to ask you. All week I will be sharing how Harry Potter has impacted me, and Friday I want to share the impact it has had on others. If you want to participate, email me at and tell me how the book has impacted you! Thanks!

Today: Intro

Tomorrow:  Fun quiz

Monday: Top Moments

Tuesday: Wizard Rock

Wednesday:  Conference

Thursday: Books vs Movies

Friday: Impacts

This is all very last minute, but I thought it would be fun to think about the series!  So onto today’s post.

I am one of those annoying people who takes some satisfaction in the fact that I read the first two books before Harry Potter became a phenomenon in the United States. My mom and I were both known by all of the librarians since she was a teacher and I got out at least twelve books every time I was there. They had gotten a lot of buzz about the first two books in a series about “an orphan who finds out he is a very famous wizard”. They told us about it and I got them both out that day. A few days later I was back, asking when the next one would come out. My mom also read them and loved them right away. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long for Prisoner of Azkaban, and read it right away.

I was in love with the series right away. I was twelve when I was reading it, so I really felt like I could understand the characters and some things they were going through, other than the magic! We bought the first three books because I kept rereading them and speculating about what would happen next.

I still remember the day Goblet of Fire came out. Amazon had set up that if you pre-ordered the book, you would get it the day it was released. I spent all day waiting for the mail truck to come. At age 13, I had never been so excited for any release. The mail truck finally got to our house while my mom was in the backyard so I ran out and got the package. My mom heard the truck also and had come out to the front. I tried to to rush past her, but we ended up playfully wrestled for the book. Since I read so fast, my mom ended up letting me read it first. I only stopped reading to eat dinner. I stayed up until after midnight to finish it (and for me then, it was really late!).

By the time Order of the Phoenix came out, I had just started looking into the online fandom. I read theories and started chatting with some people online about the books. A lot of my friends also read and loved the books, so we would spend time talking about them. My mom and I continued to bond over our loved for Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

I graduated from high school in 2005, and was rewarded about a month later with Half Blood Prince. By this time, I was going to Mugglenet and The Leaky Cauldron daily and trying to find everything I could and talk to as many people as I could about the books. I spent the next two years immersing myself into the community, making friends, and trying to figure out what would happen in the final book. I also started listening to wizard rock (music about Harry Potter, more later this week) and making friends online based just on Harry Potter. It was just amazing.

I didn’t get to go to a midnight release party because I was finishing up a summer job in Washington DC (literally, it was our last night with students). When all the kids were gone, I headed to the airport and bought my copy. I was at the airport really really early because I was forced to take the last shuttle provided by work, but it ended up being a blessing. I finished reading the book ten minutes into the drive home from the airport. I cried so many times during that book. It was so interesting being at an airport that day. I would said 1 in 3 people either had or were reading the book. When I was sitting for a couple hours by my gate, there we four of us in a row reading it. I saw one start tearing up and tried to see if they were further than I was. It felt like all these strangers were a part of a community sharing our final hours with this great series.

Since then, I have become even more involved in the community. I have gotten into wizard rock more (and gone to several concerts). I went to a conference. I am planning on going to another conference. I met people from around the world who I talk to and are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. I have seen creativity that i could not imagine and have discussed issues with rooms full of strangers. I have broken down at the end of an event and made a room full of people cry (sorry guys).

I look forward to talking to you all more about Harry Potter and everything!

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