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2017 Query Stats

Posted by Caitie F on January 2, 2018

It is that time of year where I get to share my query statistics! If you want to compare, here is the post from last year (Though I track more this year!)

I have answered all my queries through Dec 18th, so I am counting through then.

First, the basics – how many did I get, how ,any did I request, and how many were specifically genres I say I am not looking for, didn’t follow the guidelines, or were already published.

Queriers % Total
Total 3855
Didn’t Follow Instructions 461 11.96%
Already Published 28 0.73%
Not My Genre 320 8.30%
Waste of Time 781 20.26%
Rejected 3715 96.37%
Partial 140 3.63%
Fulls 17 0.44%
Offers 6 0.16%

20% is up from last year – then it was 17.5%.

I received 3,855 queries. I only requested partials for 3.63% of them. I am being much pickier than I was in previous years.

I am being even pickier about what I request to a full. It has to REALLY stand out.

I made the one more offer than I made last year.

I also broke things down by genre. Both what I received, and what I requested partials of.

Paritals requested

MG Contemporary 9
MG Horror 0
MG Historical 0
MG Mystery 1
MG Fantasy 6
MG Science Fiction 1
YA Science Fiction 10
YA Mystery 1
YA Fantasy 25
YA Historical 6
YA Magical Realism 1
YA Contemporary 19
YA Horror 2
Adult LGBTQ Romance 3
Adult Women’s Fiction 14
Adult Historical 7
Adult Science Fiction 11
Adult Fantasy 7
Adult Horror 1
Adult Romance 3
Adult Mystery 3
Adult Thriller 2
Adult Nonfiction 2

I am not surprised – the genres that I requested the most are also the genres I read the most and tweeted about wanting the most!

And these are the rejected by genre. I included genres i don’t represent like picture books, chapter books, literary fiction, and memoir.

MG Contemporary 84
MG Horror 7
MG Historical 34
MG Mystery 19
MG Fantasy 159
MG Science Fiction 39
YA Science Fiction 165
YA Mystery 16
YA Fantasy 452
YA Magical Realism 9
YA Historical 76
YA Contemporary 255
YA Graphic Novel 1
YA Horror 13
Adult LGBTQ Romance 19
Adult Women’s Fiction 267
Adult Historical 351
Adult Romance 210
Adult Mystery 186
Adult Thriller 326
Adult Nonfiction 131
MG Chapter Book 22
MG Picture Book 17
Adult Literary 289
Adult Horror 21
Adult Science Fiction 126
Adult Fantasy 207
Adult Memoir 137


In the coming weeks, I’ll be looking at these stats and see what kinds of MSWL I would like to add, or if there are any genres I don’t want to look for anymore.

Hope this gives some insight!

One Response to “2017 Query Stats”

  1. Ream said

    This was so insightful- makes me more nervous, but still very insightful 🙂 Thanks for posting!

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