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YA Books that Make Great Gifts! TTT

Posted by Caitie F on November 24, 2015

Thanks to the lovelies at Broke and Bookish for hosting – I am going a little off topic – these are all books I am thankful for, but I think they should be books YOU make other people thankful for.

Heading out for Black Friday shopping this week? Don’t forget that YA books make great gifts, and not only for those who read all the time. It is a great way to get the reluctant reader hooked.

Here are some that I think make particularly awesome gifts.

First, science fiction and fantasy:

RED RISING series by Pierce Brown

This is technically a crossover Adult/YA but it works. The first two are out and are SO good. You can buy both of them now, and preorder book 3.

Who would like it? Anyone who likes dystopian and science fiction.

ILLUMINAE by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I have been telling EVERYONE to read this book (I even wrote a review on Amazon) and it also makes a great gift. It is the best book I have read this year and you will love it too. You must buy this one in physical format because the design is so amazing!


Who would like it? Anyone who likes thrillers, science fiction, humor, great characters, and gorgeous design. I think this one is especially good for the person who doesn’t read often. Really though – it is great for anyone.

CARRY ON by Rainbow Rowell

carry on.jpg

Who would like it? Harry Potter fans!

For non science fiction/fantasy fans:

ALL THE RAGE by Courtney Summers

Probably the second best book I read this year. This is a VERY emotional read, but can start great discussions and give you the feels.

all the rage













Who would like it? People who are looking for YA w/ an emotional punch and stunning writing. Do they love John Green books? Then this is probably a safe bet.

SAINT ANYTHING by Sarah Dessen

saint anything

Who would like it? Anyone who wants a YA book about more than just romantic relationships. Sarah Dessen gets people



Who would like it? Anyone looking for a good contemporary romance that is a little different


2 Responses to “YA Books that Make Great Gifts! TTT”

  1. Great list. Carry On is sitting on my TBR shelf right now. I can’t wait to get to it.

  2. There are quite a few books on this list that I’ve seen on other lists this week that I’ve never even heard of. I’m really gonna have to look into Red Rising and Illuminae. And oh my goodness Sarah Dessen is amazing, and I did loooove Saint Anything! Great list!

    Check out the books I’m thankful for!

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