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Query Tip: If We Talk on Twitter, Tell Me

Posted by Caitie F on November 4, 2015

Last week, I did a #tenqueries on twitter, which is always interesting.

Right after I finished it, I saw a query from someone who I follow back on twitter. Not only do I follow her back, but we have interacted many times. She didn’t mention it and is VERY lucky I even looked at the name (I usually don’t). Her query was a “maybe” but since I see on twitter that she is so funny and smart, I asked to see pages. When I asked, I mentioned she should have said something and she said she didn’t want to seem creepy.

I tweeted about it (not tagging her of course!) and someone else said they thought that was creepy/weird to mention it.

I don’t think even saying that you follow the agent on twitter even if they don’t follow you back is creepy. I am active on twitter. I talk about agenting (and so much more) there. I want writers to follow me. I want writers to use it as a resource to find out more. If we have interacted or I follow you back, you should really mention it, just like if we met at a conference, you should mention it.

I sometimes get queries that say “I saw x tweet and it made me think of my book because of y” and that is a good thing. Does it guarantee a request? No, it won’t turn a no into a yes, but it can turn a maybe into a yes. It shows that the writer did research and is engaged. Is it necessary? Not at all. But it can be a benefit!


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