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Fall TV 2015: First Impressions

Posted by Caitie F on September 28, 2015

I love TV. A lot. Probably a little too much. There are very few new shows I won’t try (CSI type shows are the exception). I wanted to give my impressions after the first episode of the brand new shows this year. I am probably going to update this post as other new shows come on (SUPERGIRL!!)


Minority Report:

One of the shows I was most excited about. I loved this movie. Expanding it into a TV show? That sounded awesome. Well, I made it through half of the pilot. The show was kind of a mess. It felt so procedural and I really dislike procedurals. The acting was okay at best, and there were some TERRIBLE lines.


After the disappointment of Minority Report, I was feeling very cynical. It wasn’t as bad, and I will give it another few weeks before giving up. But it feels like it could be very procedural as well. I just hope theĀ overarching story can be a strong connection like Blacklist, so the “crime of the week” isn’t the only thing holding it together. That said, the writing better get much better on this one.

EDIT after week two: Got through 10 minutes. Completely procedural. Blah. I’m done.


Best Time Ever:

This show is so much fun! The second week was better than the first – mostly because NPH started talking a little slower. I wish it would keep being at 10:00, since I can’t watch live at 8:00. Let’s hope for some better guest announcers. The first two were okay.


Was there any doubt I would love this show? It is so clever and funny. More Muppets please!

Scream Queens:

This is another show that is currently on probation. There is a lot I like about it – the cast, the horror/humor, but it will depend how the story progresses. I have my theories. Also, I really liked the Serial joke. Just that gave it an extra week


Heroes Reborn

I was excited about this, but after the premiere, I have given up. It had a lot of the same problems as the second season on on Heroes – too many characters and storylines, with really weird cuts. It didn’t flow together very well and the jumps were odd. I found myself often a little confused and very bored. This could have used a lot of streamlining. I would have thought they would learn something from last time. Disappointed because I really liked Zachary Levi in such a different role.



I LOVED this show. The acting was fantastic. The story (and how it is told) are daring and brilliant. The characters are so multilayered. It was INTENSE. This isn’t even on probation, I am in for the whole season. This is another fun one to theorize on and I am sure i will have a new opinion after each episode on who the terrorist is.


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