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LoveAThon Snapshots: Book Tour

Posted by Caitie F on February 22, 2015

I have never showed you my “shelves” before, so I thought this was a great chance!

The first spot is a drawer under my bed, not a shelf. These books tend to be books my husband finishes (or gives up on) and throws to my bed of the bed. I put them in this drawer and…usually forget about them for a couple months. Baymax and Tigger wanted to say hi too!


Here are  our main bookshelves. They are organized…oddly. One the left, the top, middle, and bottom shelves are mainly books I want to read. The other two are books my husband wants to read. Of corse there is crossover. The shelves on the right are what we both want to read.


And shots of just part of my levelsIMG_0861 IMG_0862 IMG_0863

And our shared shelves.


Did I mention that ALL these shelves are double stacked?


Plus my stack of ARCs I have’t gotten on the shelves yet (and the guitars we need to learn to play).IMG_0866

And the pile of books I have gotten from awesome editors (right) and my library books (left)


And finally, my Nook, with a couple dozen more books (and many many manuscripts!)IMG_0868SO MANY BOOKS. I could not buy a book for the next 5 years and probably be okay. We all know that will never happen though.

I just realized I didn’t even include our favorites shelf with all books we have finished and want to keep forever!


2 Responses to “LoveAThon Snapshots: Book Tour”

  1. Those look just like my shelves except none of the books on my shelves belong to my husband.

  2. I loved seeing your shelves! Honestly, I love that they look so organized, and yet not perfectly arranged. It gives the sense that y’all really take advantage of your shelves 🙂

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