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Why Do Men Have Nipples? by Mark Leyner

Posted by Caitie F on June 6, 2014

Title: Why Do Men Have Nipples131529
Author: Mark Leyner
Paperback: 224 pages
Pub Date: July 26, 2005
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
Rating: +

Summary from pub:

Say you’re at a party. You’ve had a martini or three, and you mingle through the crowd, wondering how long you need to stay before going out for pizza. Suddenly you’re introduced to someone new, Dr. Nice Tomeetya. You forget the pizza. Now is the perfect time to bring up all those strange questions you’d like to ask during an office visit with your own doctor but haven’t had the guts (or more likely the time) to do so. You’re filled with liquid courage . . . now is your chance! If you’ve ever wanted to ask a doctor . . .

•How do people in wheelchairs have sex?

•Why do I get a killer headache when I suck down my milkshake too fast?

•Can I lose my contact lens inside my head forever?

•Why does asparagus make my pee smell?

•Why do old people grow hair on their ears?

•Is the old adage “beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer . . .” really true?

. . . then Why Do Men Have Nipples? is the book for you.

Compiled by Billy Goldberg, an emergency medicine physician, and Mark Leyner, bestselling author and well-known satirist, Why Do Men Have Nipples? offers real factual and really funny answers to some of the big questions about the oddities of our bodies


I have wanted to read this book since it came out and finally got to it.

It was not for me. At all. It felt like the authors were trying too hard to be funny. I just wanted to know the answers to the questions. I didn’t need the set-up of a party or the conversations in the middle of the chapters.

I personally did not find it funny or entertaining. I have heard there are other books that answer the same type of questions, but do in a format that will more fit my taste.

What was the last book that just wasn’t for you?


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