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BEA plans!

Posted by Caitie F on May 27, 2014

BEA is this week and I know a lot of my favorite bloggers will be there, so I wanted to share my plans, which are not as exciting this year.

I will be at BEA on Thursday. I am going to a publisher’s breakfast that morning, then heading over to Javits.

Where I have meetings for work almost all day. Which is a VERY good thing. I need to meet with all the publishers I work with that are not in NY, but it is a ton this year and they are almost all back to back. at one point, I have to go form a booth in the 900s to a booth in the 2800s. So i will be running around a LOT, I will also not have a blogger badge, my badge will be a different color and have my full name, Catherine.

That said, if you see me, PLEASE stop me and say hello! I do have a couple of quick breaks and will miss out on a lot of author signings, so I am hoping to meet some people.

That night, I have a party to go to that anyone young publishing is invited to Young in Publishing’s BREA on a Boat. To find out more and RSVP head over to their website –

Friday, I get to go to work, but if you know of any events going on after, please let me know!



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