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Starry-Eyed: 16 Stories that Steal the Spotlight Edited by Ted Michael and Josh Pultz

Posted by Caitie F on November 5, 2013

Title: Starry-Eyed: 16 Stories that Steal the Spotlight Print
Edited by: Ted Michael and Josh Pultz
Paperback: 400 pages
Pub Date: Oct 8, 2013
Publisher: Running Press Kids
Rating: ++++

Summary from pub:

No light is as unforgiving as the spotlight, but to be in it while being a teenager is just plain brutal. This collection of fictional short stories highlight the struggles, hopes, failures, and triumphs of young aspiring singers, dancers, actors, actresses, and performers. While these characters may feel out of place during their everyday lives, they are able to find a home onstage and in rehearsals. Woven throughout the anthology are personal anecdotes from several of today’s most celebrated performers of stage, screen, and television.

Whether hilarious or romantic or devastating or suspenseful, these diverse coming-of-age stories are perfect for anyone who is reaching for the stars.


I love a good short story collection and when there is a great theme, I am even happier. When I saw that the theme of this one was performing arts and teenagers, I thought it would be cool.

Then I read the first couple stories and they were about theater! In case you don’t know, my husband and i met on a Broadway message board. We have a subscription to a playhouse this year and seeing 16 shows. I was a theater geek in high school.

If any of those things are true, or you just like short stories by awesome writers, this collection is for you. Did I love every single story? No. But most of them were very well-written, fun to read, and took me back to those days of performing.

You don’t have to like musical theater to enjoy these stories, but a musical theater fan will have fun with the references and figuring out what song characters are talking about.

After each story, there is a short anecdote from a famous performer. They were interesting, heartfelt, and real. I think it added so much to the book and gave real inspiration and advice to young people who love to perform.

This is one of the best short story collection I have read and I hope you go out and get it!


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