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The Brokenhearted by Amelia Kahaney

Posted by Caitie F on October 10, 2013

Title: The Brokenhearted14498145
Author: Amelia Kahaney
Hardcover: 320 pages
Pub Date: Oct 8, 2013
Publisher: Alloy Entertainment
Rating: ++

Summary from pub:

Prima ballerina Anthem Fleet is closely guarded by her parents in their penthouse apartment. But when she meets the handsome Gavin at a party on the wrong side of town, she is immediately drawn into his dangerous world. Then, in a tragic accident, Anthem falls to her death. She awakes in an underground lab, with a bionic heart ticking in her chest. As she navigates her new life, she uncovers the sinister truth behind those she trusted the most, and the chilling secret of her family lineage…and her duty to uphold it.


From the description, this book sounds pretty awesome. A rich girl turned superhero, could be a good twist on Batman.

But no. I figured out the plot twist less than halfway through the book without even knowing there was a twist. So that is one major strike against it.

The other is the main character. Anthem is so annoying, She lives her privileged life and never thinks of others, even after people who are poor are the ones the save her. Sure, she is grateful to them, but never thinks about anyone outside her little circle. she also continually puts everyone else in danger, trying to mask it off as protecting them but really by trying to sneak everywhere, she is just putting people who care about her in more and more danger. And she is a beyond shitty friend.

And the insta-love. She knows the guy for two weeks and is willing to die and have others die for him. Her whole world revolves around one person and she forgets everyone and everything else. She is also blind to the real problems in the city and doesn’t even care about it when others bring it up.

Also, it isn’t a complete story. I mean it literally ends with her walking down stairs to investigate something she finally realized. That is just lame. .

I bet you are wondering why I am even giving it three stars then. Well, it was fun to read. There are a couple times that you cheer for Anthem. It was also a fast and pretty mindless read, which is also a problem, a book like this shouldn’t be mindless.

Mostly though, the secondary characters are great. Ford is amazing. Jax has so much to her to learn about! And there is Serge. The chauffeur/bodyguard/ so much more than you can imagine. I want an entire book about him and through his perspective. He has so many layers and is just fascinating. These characters are interesting and complex. They are worthy of having a series.

I am undecided about reading the next book. I want to see more of the secondary characters, the ones that actually have hard lives, and I want to see if the prediction I made less than 50 pages into the book comes true. It probably will, unless the author realizes that it is just too obvious.


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