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Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea by Lisa Martin and Valerie Martin

Posted by Caitie F on October 5, 2013

Title: Anton and Cecil Cats at SeaAnton and Cecil
Author: Lisa Martin and Valerie Martin
Hardcover: 242 pages
Publisher: Algonquin Books
Pub Date: October 8, 2013
Rating: +++++

Summary from goodreads:

Cat brothers Cecil and Anton are as different in personality as they are in looks. Cecil, stocky and black with white patches, thirsts for seafaring adventure as he roams the docks of his harborside home, taking day trips on fishing boats when the chance comes along. Slim, gray Anton prefers listening to the sailors’ shanties at the town saloon, venturing to port only for the day’s catch. But one day when Anton goes in search of fresh mackerel, he’s stolen off the dock, and the next thing he knows, he’s at sea.

Knowing little of the wide open ocean that lies beyond the harbor, Cecil boards another ship in hopes of finding Anton. But what begins as a rescue mission turns into a pair of high seas adventures, with thrills and danger bubbling under every wave.

Anton takes on a fierce rat, outwits hungry birds, and forges a forbidden friendship, while Cecil encounters dolphins and whales and finds himself in the middle of a pirate raid. On an ocean as vast as the one Anton and Cecil have discovered, will they see home—or each other—ever again?


I am not even a cat person and I really enjoyed this book. If you have a cat lover in your life, especially if they are from the ages of 6-12 , this is a book you need to get. It would work as either a book you read to a younger child (there are some larger words) or a book that an older kid could read themselves. Even as an adult it was a fun and imaginative story! It really is a book for the whole family to enjoy together!

The book is all from the perspective of the cats. They cannot understand what humans are saying and humans cannot understand what the cats and other animals are saying. Sine the reader understands both, it adds tension and fun. The two brothers are very different from each other but learn that they are more alike than they think.

This is a fun action-adventure tale on the high seas with humor, danger and heart. It is a great read for any young animal lover or adventure-seeker!



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