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Reading Slump (kind of) and Random Things

Posted by Caitie F on August 9, 2013

Sorry it has been so quiet – life has been really busy and I have been reading for the spring for work already. So the good news is there are a lot of reviews set up for the fall and winter!

I have been reading so much for work that reading for fun doesn’t seem so fun :(. But we did go on a much needed vacation a couple weeks ago and I read some books then and those reviews will be coming soonish. I hope.If you want to see what I have been reading, head over to my librarything and look at my tag “Read 2013”.

In a random thought – I have seen a couple YA cancer books coming in the spring. I really hope this isn’t a trend thanks to John Green’s success, but I think it might be. Look, his book wasn’t successful because it was about cancer, it was successful because it was just a great book. The two coming I have read so far are nothing like his book and nowhere near as good. I actually didn’t like them much and have written semi-negative reviews. Let’s just hope it doesn’t become a trend because reading books about kids with cancer is depressing.

There is one thing I need your help with. I am trying to not read YA or middle grade at home. I have a few fantasy/sci fi books I really want to read (The Map of Time, The Name of the Wind, The Passage) , but jumping into epic fantasy right now isn’t so appealing. Do you have any suggestions of great adult books? Let me know in the comments. I desperately want to get out of this not-reading-at-home slump!


One Response to “Reading Slump (kind of) and Random Things”

  1. You are right about The Fault in Our Stars – the cancer is a big part of the story but it’s not what makes it so special. I loved A Place at the Table by Susan Rebecca White.

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