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TV: Sad to Say Goodbye

Posted by Caitie F on May 14, 2013

This week is a big week for TV fans, it is the upfronts. Networks are selling their lineups to advertisers and we all get ot find out what shows that we love are sticking around and what is gone.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you know i love TV, so I thought I would pay tribute to my favorite shows that have been cancelled or are over.

The Office

It has been a rocky path at times, but this last season has been one of its best. Jim and Pam had me crying last week and I know the big finale event this week will bring tears to my eyes again. 

30 Rock

Another one of my favorite comedies ended this year. If you never watched it, you should go on Netflix and start. The first season isn’t the best, but the entire show is one of the funniest ever.


Smash was not perfect, but I still loved it. I loved seeing how the shows were made and the cast album for Bombshell is fantastic. The finale is in a couple weeks and I heard they re-shot it when they heard it was cancelled, so hopefully it will have an actual ending. 


I didn’t love this show, because Whitney’s friends were annoying, but when it was just her and Alex on screen, I laughed a lot.

Go On

I am still the most shocked by this show. Matthew Perry was great in this, but it was an ensemble cast and they really worked well together. It was the perfect mix of funny and sweet and got better and better as the season went on. The last six episodes were fantastic, which really shows that they needed to give it more time.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

Terrible titles, amazing show. James Vanderbeek was hilarious as himself. I laughed more at this show than most others. Sometimes titles really matter. 

The New Normal

This was another great show that was a mix of funny and sweet. The episode on the Boy Scouts was one of the best they did and if you didn’t see it, it is probably still online. 

Happy Endings

USA is looking at picking this up so there is some hope. If you weren’t watching this show you were missing out. This is the best ensemble cast since Friends. In fact, they may be better than the Friends cast. Each actor knew the character so well and it made the show phenomenal. I really hope this continues on another network because it is one of my favorites. 

Did any of your favorite shows get cancelled? 


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