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Swimming at Night by Lucy Clarke

Posted by Caitie F on March 12, 2013

Title: Swimming at Night
Author: Lucy Clarke
Hardcover: 384 pages
Pub Date: March 13, 2013
Publisher: Touchstone
Rating: +++++

Summary from goodreads:

Katie’s world is shattered by the news that her headstrong and bohemian younger sister, Mia, has been found dead at the bottom of a cliff in Bali. The authorities say that Mia had jumped—that her death was a suicide.

Although they hadn’t spoken to one another since Mia suddenly left on an around-the-world trip six months earlier, Katie refuses to accept that her sister would have taken her own life. Distraught that they never made peace, Katie leaves behind her orderly, sheltered life in London and embarks on a journey to find out the truth. With only the entries of Mia’s tattered travel journal as her guide, Katie retraces the last few months of her sister’s life, and—page by page, country by country—begins to uncover the mystery surrounding her death…


Have you ever read a book and felt like you were the perfect audience for the book? Like the book was written for someone just like you? That is how I felt about this book.

Even thought the book starts with Mia’s death, it is told from both perspectives as Katie visits all the places that Mia has been. Mia and Katie are amazing young women. They are so different, but they are each strong and individuals. They are smart, but in different ways. It also so great to see how differently they acted when in the same exact places. They are both full and complex and the reader really gets into their mind.

There is a great mystery in the book too. As you read more and more about Mia, you start to wonder if she might have killed herself, if it was murder, or if there was an accident. It isn’t clear and there are clues and hints in in all directions. IT had me guessing until the end.

The side characters are all fantastic and interesting too. From Katie’s fiancee, to Mia’s best friend, they all add something to the women and their story, thought not always in a good way.

This book is such a fantastic book that looks at family, love, and lost from many different directions. It is a truly wonderful book!


One Response to “Swimming at Night by Lucy Clarke”

  1. I just love it when I discover a book that feels like that. This sounds wonderful!

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