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2013 Goals

Posted by Caitie F on January 17, 2013

I am kind of late to the party on this, but I didn’t want to make resolutions this year, I wanted to make goals. Some people may say they are the same thing, but I see goals as being more concrete. If I don’t make them all, that is fine. They aren’t high pressure goals. They are just things I want to do. I can always try again next year!

Book related goals

Read 100 books – recurring goal from now until forever. Have to put a dent into all the book I want to read somehow. And I want to read ALL THE BOOKS it seems
Read 10 nonfiction books – I loved learning in college. Homework, not so much, but I loved to learn new things. This is my way of continuing it. I hope that not all of these are memoirs (but memoirs do count) and I want most to be more recent history. I feel like I am severely lacking in post WWII knowledge.

Blog more regularly. I have a lot of discussion posts ideas, but I feel like I don’t get enough traffic to do them. Screw not having enough traffic, I want to do them anyway!

Health goals

Get back to 150 pounds. I have wanted to for a while but have been failing. It is better for my hip and my overall health.

Now that I have more flexible insurance, get some new doctors. I want to find a primary doctor I like. I also need some specialists –  especially a hip doctor and a geneticist. I am due to check into my unknown disease. so I need to do it.

Become stronger. Losing weight is all well and good but I am sick of feeling weak. Since I am all about concrete goals
– be able to bench press more than the bar. This goal may change if I find out the barbell isn’t that hard, but I haven’t done and bench presses since high school.
– be able to do a pull up. I haven’t been able to since I was a kid.

Do more active things, especially in spring and fall. It can be going on hikes, playing basketball together, just be outside more.


Other goals

Get our finances in better shape. We are doing pretty well, but I want to cut out more debt. I have conrete goals, but don’t really want to share them in public.

Go on vacation. We haven’t really gone away for more than a weekend since our honeymoon and we both desperately need it to relax and recharge. We really want to go on a cruise to the Bahamas.

Cook more new things! Last year we probably tried 30+ new dishes, some which are now in our “cook once a month” rotation. We should continue and i would like to try 30 more.


This is a lot, but I am sure I can accomplish quite a bit of it!

D0 I have any goals you are also doing? Let me know in the comments and we can support each other!


One Response to “2013 Goals”

  1. Joan Sustarsic said

    Loved your goals Caitie! I have a goal to get stronger, too. Increase weights I use in workouts and continue to work out on the TRX.

    Another goal (along with dad) is to help you with some household repairs. You might let Jason know that he should lock up things he wants to keep!! lol

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