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Thankfully Reading Challenge and Update!

Posted by Caitie F on November 24, 2012


How is everyone doing so far? i have finished two books, I was up until 1:30 last night finishing one. Hoping to read at least two more this weekend!

Anyone else veture out yesterday? We went to the mall around 1 and I finished  four people for a great price, so it was worth it. We also went to Target last night because I needed gummy bears to infuse with vodka for a party next week. Neither were that bad.

Time for a challenges!

 Do you have any special family memories/traditions involving books?

I have so many! My mom is a teacher and really encouraged us to read a lot. I want to share a couple special memories.

We went to the library all year long and were always getting books out, but during the summer we would g oa little nuts. We would get to the library, spend 20-30 minutes and each come out with a stack of books – I usually had at least ten. And we did this every other week. It would be a common thing to see us sitting outside or in the living room and reading. She tells me she and her mom were the same way.

The tradition is one that is still special to me. Things will be a little different this year, but growing up we would go to church and dinner on Christmas Eve. When we came back, there would be a book and pajamas under the tree. They were the only presents that we would open that night. We still each get a book, but now we can’t really read them that night because they are too long!

Another last really fun memory. My mom and I both loved Harry Potter before it was huge, so we had been waiting for the fourth book for a long time. It was the first time Amazon guaranteed delivery that day it came out, so we were both listening for the mail truck. My mom was in the backyard and I saw it get to our house. I ran to the mailbox and the mail man handing me the mail. I was running to the house with the book and my mom must have heard the truck also and came running into the front. There was a little bit of wrestling for it, but she ended up letting me read it first. It is just a rally fun memory with my mom!

Do you have any great bookish memories?


3 Responses to “Thankfully Reading Challenge and Update!”

  1. Joan Sustarsic said

    So glad I passed on my love of reading to my beautiful daughter!! I share those wonderful memories with her! And I thought she should have a career involving reading long ago. I finished one book already. Gone Missing by Linda Castillo–3rd in a series set in Amish country in Ohio. Starting a new one tonite for my book club!

  2. Rachel said

    Those are great memories! Your mom sounds like fun person.

  3. What wonderful memories!! I like the Christmas tradition; what a great idea!

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