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Ready for the Read-a-thon! (well, kinda?)

Posted by Caitie F on October 12, 2012




I have my stacks of books all picked out!

Obviously, even I cannot read this many books in 24 hours. But I need to have a wide variety to choose from! Two of the books are not on this stack and those are The City of Lost Souls since I am currently reading it and The Diviners since I have to bring it home.

I have a wide variety though! Some YA, some middle grade, and some adult books. I have fiction and nonfiction. I even have a graphic novel (thought my hopes aren’t high, I am not a big fan of the medium). I am really excited to read all of the books, so the reading part will be great!

For food, I have beef stew that I am going to make. I wish I could pre-make it tonight, but I can’t. I also have to bake cookies! That I think I will do tonight and stick the cookie dough in the fridge (you can do that, right?). I will have breakfast and coffee and leftovers for lunch.

But I have no other snacks. We have some apples, but they have been okay lately. I have carrots which is good, but that is about it. I can’t believe I forgot to get snacks!

Are you participating? What do you think I should read from my stacks above? I will at least start whatever has the most comments (and you can answer even if you aren’t a participant)




2 Responses to “Ready for the Read-a-thon! (well, kinda?)”

  1. Linda said

    I am participating too but I haven’t made a stack. I have plenty of books to read too. I should stop at the store tonight for snacks.

  2. Laurie C said

    I haven’t read too many out of your stack(s), but Drop Dead Healthy would be a fast read, if you want to go for speed, because it has a lot of lists in it that would be easy to skim if you have to make up for lost time going out to buy snack food!

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