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TSS: A Week Until the Read-a-thon

Posted by Caitie F on October 7, 2012


Next week is the read-a-thon! So excited to spend an entire day reading! HAve to plan out my meals and snacks today before we go to the grocery store.

I have already started to get a big stack of books to chose from and I am starting to get a game plan.

Here is some unsolicited advice from last time for anyone thinking of doing it:

Have a couple of places to comfortably read. Sitting in one spot can be painful and make it easier to get distracted. Last time, I had two places in the living room, the kitchen table with my coffee or wine, and my bed with lots of pillows. If it is nice, going outside to read can be a great break!

Take breaks! Go for a walk, comment on on other blogs, update people on your status, or whatever you want! Just take some it keeps the reading fun!

Have a LOT of books on your stack. Make it more than you could ever read in a day. I like to have a very wide variety between fiction and nonfiction, YA and adult, and many many genres. Being able to jump between things makes it easier and more fun! I know some people just take one huge and long book and read that, but it would drive me crazy!

Have meals and snacks planned. I like to make something that goes in the crock-pot that I can cook all day so that I don’t lose reading time or make my awesome husband do all the cooking all day. I am also going to actually bake cookies this year!

Just have fun! It is a great event that is so much freaking fun so enjoy yourself!

Are you joining in? Let me know and give some advice 🙂


2 Responses to “TSS: A Week Until the Read-a-thon”

  1. Yay, read-a-thon! I still haven’t decided on my snacks yet, although it’s tradition to have pizza for dinner. I’m also getting new furniture this week, so I’ll have new places to test out for reading comfort on Saturday.

  2. Laurie C said

    When I don’t have a job where I have to work Saturdays, maybe…I can dream! Have fun! It sounds wonderful!

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