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An Exciting Trip to the Bookstore

Posted by Caitie F on September 24, 2012

I have some very excited news to share with everyone! I had the most exciting trip to a bookstore on Saturday! I know that sounds strange, an exciting trip to a store, really? Really! I actually had tears from being so happy.

Back when i was unemployed, I was critiquing  queries and partial manuscripts for writers. I would give them a sentence by sentence evaluation of their query, then write them an editorial letter on the first fifty pages. I didn’t get to everyone who sent them to me, because a LOT of people sent it to me!

I got a response to one who had gotten an agent and a book deal! He said he would put me in the acknowledgements, but I thought nothing of it.

I realized that the book had come out this week and we were in a Barnes and Noble. I looked in science fiction and couldn’t find it so I asked someone for help. She thought it would be in new science fiction, couldn’t find it and checked again. It might be in the octagon in the front of the store! It was – it was actually right under the latest J.D. Robb book! Now that is placement!

Now it was exciting enough that a book I did something with was published and in that location. But that isn’t what gave me happy tears.

No, that happened when I turned to the acknowledgements in the back and saw

My name. My name in the acknowledgments in someone’s book. What Jay said was very touching and I thank him. Saying you will do something is one thing. Actually doing it is a whole other thing.

I started teary up and jogged towards my husband jason (I know, running in a store is bad, but I was too excited for thinking) and opened the book. He had no idea why I was so excited!

This was my first acknowledgement. It isn’t much, but this is what I like doing most. I love working with authors to make something that is already really great even better. It is what i am passionate about and is just a dream. That is has happened is amazing. I hope it is the first of many.

I cannot wait to read the entire book. The first fifty pages were great and now I am sure they are even better!

Obviously, I won’t be able to review the book,  but here are some reviews from other bloggers!

Steph Su Reads

Good Books and Good Wine

Sorry this wasn’t more articulate – I am still just so excited that it is hard!



3 Responses to “An Exciting Trip to the Bookstore”

  1. Being listed in the acknowledgements is huge!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Congrats, that is so cool! I would have done the same thing (and then bought several copies of the book to celebrate)!

  3. Laurie C said

    Congratulations! That’s exciting!

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