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TSS: Olympics!

Posted by Caitie F on July 29, 2012

It is going to be pretty quiet on here the next couple weeks because I will be busy watching the Olympics. 

I admit it. I am addicted to the summer games. I have been getting excited since the Trials a month ago and my day yesterday was mostly spent watching the various sports. 

AS a former swimmer, it is pretty obvious what my favorite sport is. I watch the prelim. heats. And the semi finals. Then I join the rest of the world to watch the finals and i get really into it! A couple things on swimming: No Phelps isn’t done because of one event. He is still fantastic and watching him will be fun. Also, watch out for Missy Franklin. She is a fantastic swimmer and person. It is just great watching her! 

I also love watching soccer (football to the rest of the world), gymnastics, diving, and…well everything where people are fighting each other or picking things up. 

So that is what i am doing the next two weeks! This is all making me want to go to London even more!

Do you watch the olympics? What ar your favorite events?


6 Responses to “TSS: Olympics!”

  1. Love the swimming–probably since my daughter was a swimmer!!! Also like gymnastics, volleyball, diving (it’s amazing what those divers can do!!). Enjoy these 2 weeks of good TV!!!

  2. Addicted. Love that this year we can watch everything. I watched handball yesterday, not the handball I know, and it looked like fun! My daughter who is 4 wants to be an Olympic cyclist after watching the opening race yesterday. Love the swimming, diving, gymnastics, but really, aside from boxing, which I’m not particularly a fan of, I can watch anything (although I tend to prefer stuff I can’t see in pro sports on TV every day, actually).

    • Caitie F said

      Watched handball this morning…that is an intense sport! I love that this time gets kids into the more unpopular sports.

      I tend to not watch the basketball just because it is a sport they show a lot too.

  3. paulaacton said

    I love watching track as i used to do long jump but I am an olympics junkie I will watch everything especially as this is the first time my little boy will see most of the sports (he is only four) so far we have watched cycling, rowing, swimming, tennis, kayak, a little volleyball, sailingand as I type this am watching gymnastics

  4. I haven’t watched anything on TV since May and probably won’t watch any of the Olympics. I’m glad you’re enjoying them so much!

  5. lnatal said

    My favorites are tennis and swimming.

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