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TSS: Saw the Movie First???

Posted by Caitie F on June 17, 2012

I did something that I never ever do…I watched a movie before i read the book. I didn’t just do it, I did it on purpose!

I know. The horror the horror. The book is always better, it will ruin the book etc. I know the arguments I have made the arguments but I have a very very good reason for it!

I watched

on Wednesday and I started reading the book yesterday.

I have tried reading Jane Austen a few times before. I started Emma several times and couldn’t get further than page 20, so I thought if I saw a movie and understood the story more first, I could enjoy the language and the writing much more.

Gotta say, I LOVED the movie. It was enough that it was Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet, and Alan Rickman playing these characters. The acting was superb and I think by having such a spectacular cast it helped me to connect with chracters speakign and acting in a way that is foreign to me.

I was so happy that I really enjoyed the story too. I has to remind myself several times that this was a much different time period and that women going off on their own could not happen, the needed a husband to have a chance to do anything.

So now I get what is going on and it really has helped, even in the first 40 pages. There are so many Ms. Dashwood and Mrs. Dashwoods and without the movie i would be SO confused as to who was who.

I hope I enjoy the book, I want to love Austen, especially since so many of her books are in the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die book and challenge I am in!

Have you ever watched a movie so you could understand the book before you read it? Which ones? Let me know in the comments!


4 Responses to “TSS: Saw the Movie First???”

  1. Caryn said

    That’s a great reason for watching the movie first. I, too, have trouble reading Austen, and I only really loved Pride and Prejudice after seeing the BBC version. Then I was able to go back and reread the book and totally understand it. Same with Wuthering Heights. I read the book first, and it was pretty difficult. Then I watched the Masterpiece Classic version (which, I admit, was slightly different), but I loved the story so much more after that. So, I don’t know if I will crack and watch Sense and Sensibility before reading the book, but I do agree that the movies and books are a great combo.

  2. I’ve never watched the movie first for that reason, but it makes perfect sense!

  3. Linda said

    I’ve seen Sense and Sensibility hundreds of times but still haven’t read the book.

  4. Amanda said

    Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with watching the movie first sometimes. There are some movies that I love that I know would have been ruined by reading the book first, or that I never would have bothered to watch. My favorite movie, The Hours, was based on a book I hated when I read it. Generally I like to read the book first, but sometimes the movie first helps. I had the same experience as you had with S&S with Northanger Abbey. I’d finally given up on Austen, having read five of her books and only really liked one, but I loved the movie of NA so much that I tried it again in print, and found that I loved it too. Now I at least love a third of her six books. So that was a good thing. 🙂

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