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Supporting Equality is Awesome

Posted by Caitie F on May 9, 2012

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know I am a big supporter of equal rights, especially for the LGBT community.

So I was upset with Amendment 1 passing yesterday – also because of all of the rights that were taken away for domestic partners as well. I had hope for North Carolina starting a new era in equality. But a shout out to the awesome people who went out and voted against it. I hope they know that they are awesome.

After that upsetting news, I was having a pretty bad day.

That is until President Obama said that he supports marriage equality. Now I am one of those that thinks he has always supported it, especially since he said so much in a survey in the 90s, but didn’t want to say anything because it could ruin him politically (which sucks so so much). But whether he really did evolve or not is not the point. The point is that it is a HUGE deal.

I hope it will start some different conversations in the place that needs it most – churches. Before anything can change, the hateful speech needs to stop. Let’s focus on the whole loving each other part of it.

Here is the best part about this all though – all of the teens and kids that are struggling right now that just had the President step up and support them. That is SO big. I have read many stories tonight about it impacting young people online today. It brings me so much joy.

It has and will continue to bring out a lot of hatred in others. Which totally sucks, but this is a big step and worth a mini celebration!



2 Responses to “Supporting Equality is Awesome”

  1. Linda said

    I know. I wanted to bust out the champagne when heard Obama came out to support gay marriage. I hope marriage equality is right around the corner on the federal level!

  2. Amanda said

    I am glad to know that in today’s environment, he could actually say how he feels without fear of a backlash that will cost him the majority of his supporters. I think that would have been closer to the truth four years ago, unfortunately. Every year, we become a bit more open to all this. I remember back in the early 2000s, thinking that it would be a miracle if gay marraige became a legitimate possibility in my lifetime. Then how astonished I was when it came up much quicker than that. It has progressed far beyond what I ever dreamed. This thing still has so much further to go, and crap like that NC vote DOES NOT HELP, but I think really that it shows just how desparate the losing faction is, because really, they are losing, and will lose in the end.

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