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Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

Posted by Caitie F on April 18, 2012

Title: Generation Dead
Author: Daniel Waters
Paperback: 415 pages
Publisher:  Hyperion
Pub Date: May, 2008
Rating: ++

Summary from goodreads

Phoebe Kendall is just your typical Goth girl with a crush. She’s strong and silent…and dead.

All over the country, a strange phenomenon is occurring. Some teenagers who die aren’t staying dead. But when they come back to life, they are no longer the same. Feared and misunderstood, they are doing their best to blend into a society that doesn’t want them.

The administration at Oakvale High attempts to be more welcoming of the “differently biotic.” But the students don’t want to take classes or eat in the cafeteria next to someone who isn’t breathing. And there are no laws that exist to protect the “living impaired” from the people who want them to disappear—for good.

When Phoebe falls for Tommy Williams, the leader of the dead kids, no one can believe it; not her best friend, Margi, and especially not her neighbor, Adam, the star of the football team. Adam has feelings for Phoebe that run much deeper than just friendship; he would do anything for her. But what if protecting Tommy is the one thing that would make her happy?


I have had this book for a couple years and just never got around to it. It looked interesting and was recommended by a friend who I usually agree with.

I finally read it and was very disappointed.

I guess the biggest disappointment is just how obvious and predictable it was. After reading only 50 pages, I could already tell what was going to happen in this book. I also am pretty sure what will happen as the series continues. The “hints” were so obvious that I wanted to hit the characters over the head for not getting it.

Some of the characters were interesting, especially the zombies. They were the only reason I kept reading past the first hundred pages since I wanted to see the journey. And it was a great journey, for the zombies at least. The rest of the characters. Meh. They were just so dumb. People who be hinting like crazy that they shouldn’t tell anyone precious information…and they would spill the beans. It was just so irritating!

I have heard the next book is even worse, so I am just done with this series. What a disappointment.


3 Responses to “Generation Dead by Daniel Waters”

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  2. Maybe it’s not so obvious to kids. I’ll pass on this one.

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