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Pottermore is open!

Posted by Caitie F on April 15, 2012

So..I LOVE Harry Potter. Not lie, btu LOVE> I have been to a conference (so awesome and want to go to another), I listen to wizard rock, and I have read the books so many times. Harry Potter is my favorite series ever and I can’t see that changing.

So like most people, I tried to get into Pottermore early, but I wasn’t able to.

Good news – it is open to ALL. You have to sign up and it took me 24 hours until I could get in (so the server doesn’t crash). But it was worth the wait. The extra content is by far the best part. There is backstory on characters that make me love tham all the more. This site rocks.

I don’t want to completely rush through book one, but I wanted to be sorted, so here are the important results.


My wand:

Redwood with unicorn core, fourteen and a half inches, hard

Tis very cool.


And my house. I have taken quizzes before and I am always between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, so I went in not knowing what I wanted. Like Harry, I was just thinking “Not Slytherin, not Slytherin”. I was 100% honest, since JK Rowlign told me to. And I am officially and forever a…


I am not that surprised 🙂

Have you joined Pottermore yet? You should, it is SO much fun. The extra content is amazing. It is THE site for Harry Potter fans, and is COMPLETELY kid friendly. You don’t pick any username, they give you five to choose from (mine is MarauderFirebolt13463 add me if you want). You can’t send unmoderated messages or posts. Adults may find it a little irritating, but I think it is great so it is a guaranteed safe place for kids.!


One Response to “Pottermore is open!”

  1. Amanda said

    I’ve added you as a friend. I’m SilverCloak33. I guess my only real trouble with the naming system is that there’s no way to actual message another person at all, so I don’t see the point of anonymity. I’ve had multiple people request to be my friend, but because they have no identity, and no way of including a note to tell me who they are in real life, I don’t know if they’re people I know or random folk (the latter of which I’m not interested in). It also makes it difficult to run my children’s accounts. The emails for friend requests come to the person who signed them up if they’re under 18. So I have two of my boys’ accounts under my email, and Jason has one under his. Whenever a person asks to be their friend, we have to determine if it’s a school friend (they rarely know) or a random person. Basically this means we just reject every friend request, which keeps the boys from really interacting on the site. I like that there’s privacy for kids, but in a way I think they’ve taken it a bit TOO far, making people TOO isolated. Maybe that will change with time. I’m glad they’re finally opening to everyone. Honestly until you mentioned it, I hadn’t even logged in to my account in at least six months. There’s so little you can do there.

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