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The Hunger Games Soundtrack

Posted by Caitie F on March 22, 2012

So, who is seeing the movie tonight? I adored the books and think the movie looks amazing! I won’t see it until Sunday, but Jason and I went out and got the soundtrack a couple days ago.

I listened to it today and it was phenomenal. I rated every song to my Top Rated list except for three (which, for a soundtrack is GREAT for me).

I don’t want to do a track by track review, but here are some random toughts:

The Taylor Swift songs are amazing. I love Taylor anyway, but these songs are beautiful and fit the movie and its themes so well! Listened to each of those several times.

The Maroon 5 song is also great. Love their music always, but Adam Levine’s beautiful voice just fits the tone of the movie so well!

Other than that, the best songs are from the people I have never heard of. “Daughter’s Lament” felt like it was written by Suzanne Collins specifically for this story. It was stunning and sad and had so much beauty, just like the book.

“Tomorrow Will Be Kinder” was another folky song that just fit so well.

Overall, it is an excellent soundtrack, one of the best I have heard in a really long time! If you are still unsure, check out the samples on iTunes. I bet you will like it!



One Response to “The Hunger Games Soundtrack”

  1. I’m just reading the first book right now. My husband is heading out of the country for a couple weeks and I’ve promised to wait until he gets back to see the movie with him.

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