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TSS: Books Reviewed by Imprint

Posted by Caitie F on March 11, 2012

If you are looking this on the page and not a reader, you may have noticed that there is a new page ono this blog called “Books Reviewed by Imprint”

I have paid attention to imprints since I first found out they existed and wanted to make it easier for you to understand what it means and how it can help you find books you will love.

First of all, What is an imprint? Most of the large publishers are split up into smaller, more specialized groups. Instead of something being done just by Penguin or Simon & Schuster, there are groups that specialize in Teen, Women’s Fiction, Mystery, Literary. Some of the imprints cover it all, but the editors have a style and a taste. But the short answer is that is is a smaller, specialized part of a larger company.

Why is this important? To casual readers, they don’t. If they have certain authors they like and don’t want to explore new authors and even genres, they are easy to ignore. But if you are looking for something new, books in an imprint usually have similar styles, topics, and quality. If you see you have really enjoyed books in a certain imprint, you most likely will enjyo many others.

It isn’t true for all imprints. Grand Central Publishing is a very large imprint of Hachette Book Group USA and they cover a lot (as do the main imprints of Random House, Simon and Schuster, etc that are named after the publisher). But you can find something out about the books in those imprints too. They tend to be books that publishers are going to really put money and publicity power behind.

Right now, I only have the last several months of book reviews in there, but I will be going back and adding ALL the books I have reviewed on here. I hope you can find this feature useful and it will make you think about imprints a little more when you have no idea what to read next.


One Response to “TSS: Books Reviewed by Imprint”

  1. Caryn said

    That’s an awesome idea 🙂

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