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This SOPA $hit Just Got Personal

Posted by Caitie F on January 19, 2012

I wasn’t going to post about this. Many others have said it, and have said it better. But something happened today that made me see that I had to say something. And the first thing you need to know is that it doesn’t matter is SOPA or PIPA pass, the government can already do what they want.

Like today, when they shut down the file sharing website If you want to see what happened and why, you can head over to the article on Techland

But it wasn’t JUST a file sharing site. It was also a way to store things. Which is what I used it for. In 2005 I bought a lifetime premium membership, which meant it would ALWAYS be stored there. . At one point, it was just a backup…but as external hard drives crashed, computers died, and files got lost. So there are some things that got lost completely when they shut it down.

Here is an example of the things that were on there

2 gigabytes of pictures
Every draft of my husband’s books, short stories, and plays
Lesson plans and projects that my husband uses in school
All the papers, writing samples, and everything I have ever written (which I still use as writing samples and references)
A backup of all of my music and a lot of my husband’s (for our own personal use)

That doesn’t sound like anything Universal would have a problem with.

Yet my stuff is also gone.

And what does this have to do with SOPA/PIPA? Well if it passes, this kind of thing will happen a LOT more often. Your website has a video that contains copy-written information? Your entire site is shut down! You use too much of a quote from a book you reviewed? Your entire site gets shut down!

And if this is any precedent, it gets shut down first and investigated later.

This shit is bad. And we have to stop it. Contact your Senators and Representatives. Make sure they know what you think about this important issue!


3 Responses to “This SOPA $hit Just Got Personal”

  1. The whole thing is crazy–I’m sorry you had to lose all your stuff!

  2. White Girl said

    That is a devastating loss! Pictures, writing samples, scripts! There is so much there that shows such a progression in your journey as people and in your careers! I am so very sorry that this happened. I hope that you will be able to recover it, somehow. My heart goes out to you.

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