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Fall TV Wrap Up

Posted by Caitie F on December 16, 2011

So way back in September, I talked about all the TV shows we were going to watch this year…and I thought I would do a wrap up of what happened with all of those!

8 PM
How I Met Your Mother: Just as amazing as always – it is still funny and sweet and I love every second!

Two Broke Girls: I enjoy this show. I laugh at least a few times an episode. Not the best, but entertaining enough to keep watching.

Terra Nova: I couldn’t get through one episode. Husband gave up after four. 

The Sing-Off: Only watched a couple episodes…then everyone I liked was gone. Kinda done with this one.

Playboy Club: Wasn’t very good, the network agreed with us

Glee: Still love it. Haters gonna hate, but i think it is fantastic and fun! 

Biggest Loser: Didn’t care this year to watch, done with this show

The Last Man Standing: Couldn’t even watch, just wasn’t funny

Man Up!:  This was surprisingly funny! The guys were geeky and funny, laughed a lot while watching. Main guy is Phil-light (Modern Family)


New Girl: Favorite comedy of the year. It is cute, hilarious and adorkable! 

Ringer: Gave up on this one. Watched six or seven episodes and it just wasn’t going anywhere.

Parenthood: This show just gets better and better. Just perfect

Survivor: Super boring season, don’t care about finale Sunday.

Up All Night: Watched one episode. Didn’t like it – not very creative humor at all.

X Factor: Only made it through less than an hour. It wasn’t anything special. The Voice is the only singing show I will watch anymore

Suburgatory: So close to being the best new comedy of the season. Absolutely hilarious with an incredible cast. Cannot wait every week to watch it.

Modern Family: I love this show so freaking much. Another perfect show.

Happy Endings: Much less hit or miss than last year. This is just an incredible show.

Revenge: So Jason wanted to watch this originally, but I am the one that loves it. Still a little behind since he gave up (he wasn’t paying enough attention to get it all) but this is just an great show.

The Big Bang Theory: Still fun – hasn’t been as good every episode, but I still love it.

How to Be a Gentleman: Awful awful show

Community: Still love it. Sad it might be gone!

Charlies Angels: Didn’t make it through an episode, network agreed

The Office: So much better than I expected. Andy is the perfect choice

Whitney: Apparently, I am the only one who really likes this show, but I think it has the combination of funny and sweet

Person of Interest: Felt too much like a procedural. Might watch on DVD

Chuck: Still enjoying, looks like it will end well

Nikita: Got eight episodes behind, so I will DVD it next year

Grimm: Too procedural, didn’t enjoy


Once Upon a Time: Best show of the year by FAR. Seriously, this show blows me away every episode. It has the smart writing of Lost, seamlessly going between past and present with rich backstories and exciting current stories. If you aren’t watching it, it will be streaming and you need to catch up.

The Simpsons: Had some awesome episodes this year, especially the Neil Gaiman one

Desperate Housewives:Not watching…it has been too boring

Family Guy:Okay, SImpsons still better.

Wow, that is a lot of TV! What are your hits and misses? 


2 Responses to “Fall TV Wrap Up”

  1. Jason said

    You left out my favorite show of the year — American Horror Story!! Such an incredible story – great plot, great characters and frankly scary as hell. Oh, that’s why you left it off the list.

    I will say that Once Upon a Time is a very close second.

  2. AmyKB said

    I love that we have such different tastes, LoL. I took a look back at some new shows last week, not sure if you saw that post:

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