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TSS: Best. Week. Ever.

Posted by Caitie F on September 25, 2011

Two amazing things happened this week. instead of building suspense, I will just tell you right off, then add details.

My husband got an agent on Monday.

I got a job in publishing on Wednesday.

Um yeah. So this week ROCKED. We saw Follies and ate at an awesome Cuban restaurant today to celebrate. But details!

So my husband has written 5 books, some middle grade, some young adult. He has been querying for about two and a half years, getting some requests, but ultimately has gotten a bunch of rejections. The book he has been querying lately is a middle grade theater book and it is really something special. It was getting a lot of requests and he landed an agent. She is excited and awesome. He signed his contract and waiting for some minor edits.

I am SO proud of him. He is a fantastic writer and I knew he could do it. That was awesome enough.

Then my news happened. I graduated May of 2009 woth a publishing degree and had started looking for jobs in February of 2009. Gotten some interviews, but nothing has happened. It has been hard taking other jobs, then being unemployed for 8 months.

Last Monday I had an interview with a company and I thought it went really well. Well, this Monday I got an email asking for my references since i was a finalist. I got the job! I will be an Editorial Assistant and will get to do some editorial, marketing, and publicity (ALL the areas I love). I am SO excited, it is just the perfect first job for me. I start on Wednesday and am ready to work hard!

So it was a pretty great week. I am hoping I will still be blogging semi-regularly, but if I slow down a little you will know why!



2 Responses to “TSS: Best. Week. Ever.”

  1. Woo hoo! Congratulations to both of you!!

  2. Catie! That is awesome! Huge congrats!! 😀

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