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Fall TV is Almost Here!

Posted by Caitie F on September 3, 2011

Fall is coming. While I enjoy the weather and the food of the season, my favorite thing is the kick off of the Fall TV season. While I have enjoyed America’s Got Talent, Big Brother, and my recent jump into Star trek, The Next Generation (60 episodes in about a month), I am ready for regular TV to be back!

The problem is…I have several time where there is too much on! I can only DVR two things at once and there are a few times that there are three shows I want to watch!

Here is my schedule (new shows are in bold).

Monday (the first too much day):
8 PM
How I Met Your Mother: One of my favorite shows on TV!/Two Broke Girls: New sitcom, will give it a couple episodes (CBS)

Terra Nova: Spielberg, dinosaurs, some sci-fi…sounds like it could be really good! (FOX)

The Sing-Off: My favorite competition show. Amazing singers and Ben Folds is a judge! (NBC)

Playboy Club: My husband wants to try this one, so I will watch, not looking forward to it though. (NBC)

Glee: My favorite show on TV. Yeah, not going to miss it! (FOX)

Biggest Loser: I know it isn’t the best, but it is my guilty pleasure of the fall (NBC)

The Last Man Standing/Man Up!: we will try the sitcoms all once, but probably not going to keep these (ABC)

New Girl: I love Zooey Deschanel. She is why I will watch it, but the previews look really funny! (FOX)

Ringer: Buffy is in it! So is my favorite actor from Veronica Mars. Premise sounds cool too. (CW)

Parenthood: My favorite drama on TV right now. Best cast on TV period. Can’t wait for the new season! (NBC)

Survivor: No, really, it is a great show! I love it. And Ozzy is back! (CBS)

Up All Night: A great cast, but I am eh on the premise. (NBC)

X Factor: Looks awesome, I love Simon Cowell (FOX)

Suburgatory: Didn’t think I would be interested, but the previews have looked good! (ABC)

Modern Family: Funniest Comedy on TV. Love every episode (ABC)

Happy Endings: Liked it last year, hit or miss sometimes, but still enjoyable (ABC)

Revenge: Husband wants to watch (ABC)

Thursday (the second uh-oh day)
The Big Bang Theory: Nerd humor is always fun/How to Be a Gentleman: the guy who plays Johnny Drama on Entourage is in it and I love him! (CBS)

Community: Most underrated comedy. Laugh at every episode. (NBC)

X-Factor Results (FOX)

Charlies Angels: Husband is more interested than I am (ABC)

The Office: May only watch a couple episodes, don’t know how good it will be without Steve Carrell/Whitney: Previews look funny and I love Whitney Cummings! (NBC)

Person of Interest: Michael Emerson from Lost is on it…so that is reason enough for me! (CBS)

Chuck: Last season, but I will still have more because I never saw the first two seasons! (NBC)

Nikita: Loved it last season, hope this season is just as good! (CW)

Grimm: Reviews have just been okay, but I love fairy tales so I will give it a go! (NBC)

Shark Tank: Not sure when it is coming back, but they say it is. I am excited, that show is fascinating! (ABC)


Once Upon a Time: This isn’t coming on until October, but it looks awesome. Some of the writers of Lost are writing it. It is another fairy tale show, but it looks like it will be really good. Cannot wait until it starts! (ABC)

The Simpsons: Still one of the funniest shows in existence! (FOX)

Desperate Housewives: It is the last season, so hopefully it will be good! (ABC)

Family Guy: This one is fun too…though it is more hit or miss than The Simpsons (FOX)


I think we need another DVR…hope some of these new shows aren’t as good as they look!



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