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Good-Bye Irene!

Posted by Caitie F on August 28, 2011

So Irene has come and gone. We are lucky. Very lucky. We never lost power (though the grid next to us did for a couple hours).

We did have some water in our basement – the carpet is soaked and we will have to pull it up before mold grows (my allergies would be SO bad if that happened). Luckily there is nothing in that room that could be damaged, just CDs and some movies…but the discs will al be fine.

We won’t be leaving our house for a little bit though. The town next to us (less than two miles away) had major flooding – the lake flooded and there are feet of water in the streets. Yeah FEET. Those in that area can’t drink the water – even after boiling it and won’t be able to for several days. I just hope there isn’t too much damage to businesses since it is Main Street.

But we are okay. I am just tired because I could barely sleep. Hope everyone in the path got/gets through safely.


One Response to “Good-Bye Irene!”

  1. I’m so glad to hear you came through the storm so well.

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