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The Help: The Movie

Posted by Caitie F on August 15, 2011

I saw the movie version of The Help this weekend. I read the book back in 2010 and adored it. I was a little nervous about the movie, since I didn’t know how it could live up to the book.

Then I heard that Emma Stone would be playing Skeeter and I was thrilled. She looked perfect for the part and I saw some of her acting and I knew she could handle that part. I saw the rest of the cast and was hopeful.

Yeah…the movie was absolutely perfect.

Yes, I said perfect.

Things were changed from the book, but I always understood why it was changed, and all of the changes made sense and made it a better movie.

It was as emotional watching the movie as it was reading the book. There were several points where I teared up (when Constantine was kicked out….the acting was amazing and it broke my heart). There were parts when I wanting to stand up and cheer.

The entire cast was absolutely wonderful. I have a feeling they won’t get Oscar nominations, but I think at least Emma Stone and Viola Davis deserve it.

Did you see the movie? What did you think?


One Response to “The Help: The Movie”

  1. I loved the movie too! Every change I noticed fit the spirit of the book, in my opinion. I would include Octavia Spencer in the Oscar nominations.

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