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TSS: What Do You Do With ARCs?

Posted by Caitie F on August 14, 2011

Hope everyone is doing well this rainy (well, at least in NJ) Sunday! I spent 10 wonderful days visiting my parents in Ohio. Jason and I had a great and relazing time. Of course, we got home and things automatically got stressful, but it was still nice!

But I have found an issue. I got some great ARCs at BEA and from winning contests. I liked reading the books, but I don’t really want to keep them.

I have been giving them away on here, but there are so many that it is getting expensive. I am okay with giving away some, but there is not enough benefit and too much cost.

Yet I still don’t want them on my shelves and cluttering up our house! My library won’t take them (since they can’t lend them out) and the used bookstore can’t sell them. Where else can I donate them? I give some to my husband for his classroom, but I can only give him MG books. I try to give them to friends who might enjoy them, but sometimes…I can’t find anyone!

Do you know of any hospitals, shelters, or other groups that will take donations or ARCs? I obviously do not want to throw the books away. I want to give them to a good cause. It is okay if the place isn’t near me, I can send a box.

Thanks for the suggestions!




5 Responses to “TSS: What Do You Do With ARCs?”

  1. I’ve donated ARCs to the hospitals near us so I bet those near you would like them as well. I also give some to my indie bookstore. She doesn’t sell them, but gives them away to customers who spend $50 or more.

  2. SiNn said

    I give mine to book groups if they are some they would liketo read and discuss i know having a book group we r always looking for new books and new authors so i like when i get them donated to me its a thought

  3. I just donated a box of ARCs to Goodwill. I’m not sure if that was a good idea or not, I’ll be checking back in the comments to see if other people have better ideas.

  4. I pass them along to friends who would enjoy the content. I’ve also given them to homeless shelters, community libraries (who sell them at their library sales rather than lend them out) and sent them to overseas troops as part of Operation Paperback.

  5. Shonna said

    I give ours to a local prison.
    They can only take paperbacks, so ARCs are great for them.

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