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Get Rid of Books Summer Challenge!

Posted by Caitie F on June 5, 2011

I am late to the news, but the WSJ article about YA is disgusting. Find out more about this by heading to twitter and going to #YAsaves. Also, check out this blog post by Nicole from Word For Teens – I could not say it better so I won’t bother .


So instead, this Sunday I will post about a new “challenge” I am doing.

I have too many books. Three shelves, with two of the double stacked, plus three stacks of arcs. At least two shelves are books that I will read once and then give away. I just need to read them! Lucky for me, there is now a challenge to help me!

It is hosted by Pop Culture Junkie

This is how it will work:
Starting today June 4th until September 4th do whatever you need to to get rid of some books, I don’t care where they go, donate them, sell them, pass them on, have a contest. Whatever you feel comfortable with (please don’t tell me if they go in the garbage though I might cry!) and keep track of the number of books that are no longer in your possession.
At the end of the challenge and give final tally, we will do this on the honor system. And whoever has gotten rid of the most books over the summer will win a book (Under $20 and something I can easily purchase in the US, and US only for shipping), yes totally against our point I know, but that’s how I roll!
So here is how I will do it. I will stop using my library other than the book i am currently reading and the three I have on hold.
I ❤ my library, but it keeps me from reading what I have. So from now until the end of this challenge I will read my own books…and then give them away. Arcs will all be giveaways on here (unless they have been promised to others). Others will be a mix of giveaways, selling on Amazon, and donating to schools or other places.
My goal is to get rid of 35 books!

4 Responses to “Get Rid of Books Summer Challenge!”

  1. Amanda said

    I didn’t even finish reading that article, it was so dumb. Just another case where adults don’t understand teens. I wish there had been good around when I was a teen. I gravitated towards “darker” material because it comforted me to know someone understood what I was going through. It was a way of being LESS depressed. But adults don’t seem to understand. I’m glad I haven’t forgotten that even though I’m in my 30s. Of course, we change as we get older, and I no longer need that. Reading the same things I would have loved in my teens will depress me now rather than doing the reverse, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to assume it’ll do the same to teens. Adult and teen brains work differently, just like adult and kid brains. Why don’t people understand this?? ugh.

    Re: that challenge – it sounds fantastic! I would join except I just zeroed out my physical TBR pile in May, so the only books that are now on my shelves to read are the ones I just got from a couple of very kind bloggers who knew my flight to BEA was cancelled.

    • Caitie F said

      Yeah – I couldn’t finish it either. I wish people would understand that minds work differently. You basically summed up my opinion completely! I got really angry that they attacked Lauren Myracle and Shine specifically because I thought it was a book that TONS of teens could relate to, in addition to being a great mystery. Gar.

      I am really looking forward to getting rid of some of these books.

  2. Amanda said

    Hey, I think you’ve probably seen already that I’m shutting down The Zen Leaf? Well I’m still keeping the 52-52-52 Challenge open, just on my tumblr account ( – yeah, I know, I signed up again… 😀 Are you still on there? If so have I followed you yet? I’ve followed so many people in the last three days I can’t even remember! Well anyway mostly I’m just touching base with all the challenge participants ot make sure they know that even though I’m shutting down the Zen Leaf the challenge will still be ongoing.

    • Caitie F said

      Yeah, I saw and added you on there. So glad you are starting tumblr again since you are one of my favorite people ever 🙂

      I am caitief on there

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