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BEA Intro

Posted by Caitie F on May 22, 2011

This is my – “Hi if I met you at BEA” sticky post. I should be back to my regular blogging next week!

If I met you while at BEA< thank you so much for stopping by! I’m Caitie, I am 24, and I am a lover of all types of books! I have a degree in Publishing Studies, and have interned at Hachette Book Group USA and Writers House. They were great internships and solidified my love of the industry. I am interested in all different aspects, which are a part of my “Why I Want to Be…” series. I still have two more posts in the series, but I don’t want to finish it, because then I will not have any more to write!

I review all kinds of books. I tend to read a LOT of YA, but I have been expanding my horizons lately. I read and review literary fiction, commercial fiction, mysteries, fantasy, women’s fiction, dystopian, a little science fictions, a a little bit of everything else!

My goal is to HELP publicists and publishers. I know how small budgets are and that not every book can get the attention it deserves or needs. I try to find the good in everything and let people know if they will like it, even if I did not. I am here to help boost sales, not to tear books down.

I hope you look around a little and enjoy my blog. You can contact me with any question/comments at or the email address on my business card! Thanks for stopping by!


One Response to “BEA Intro”

  1. Good morning! Finally have a little time to catch up on posts from my BEA lapse and had to pop over and say hi! You posted to me that you think you were sitting behind me at the YA carnival and I am bummed we did not meet so “hi”! 🙂

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