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Size 14 Is Not Fat Either by Meg Cabot

Posted by Caitie F on May 10, 2011

Title: Size 14 is Not Fat Either
Author: Meg Cabot
Paperback: 344 pages
Publisher: Avon Trade
Year Published: 2006
Rating: +++

Summary (from goodreads):

Former pop star Heather Wells has settled nicely into her new life as assistant dorm director at New York College—a career that does notrequire her to drape her size 12 body in embarrassingly skimpy outfits. She can even cope (sort of) with her rocker ex-boyfriend’s upcoming nuptials, which the press has dubbed The Celebrity Wedding of the Decade. But she’s definitely having a hard time dealing with the situation in the dormitory kitchen—where a cheerleader has lost her head on the first day of the semester. (Actually, her head is accounted for—it’s her torso that’s AWOL.)

Surrounded by hysterical students—with her ex-con father on her doorstep and her ex-love bombarding her with unwanted phone calls—Heather welcomes the opportunity to play detective . . . again. If it gets her mind off her personal problems—and teams her up again with the gorgeous P.I. who owns the brownstone where she lives—it’s all good. But the murder trail is leading the average-sized amateur investigator into a shadowy world. And if she doesn’t watch her step, Heather will soon be singing her swan song!


Heather Wells is back at it again: solving crimes in the dorm…I mean residence hall, putting herself in danger, and looking for some love. She still does it all with her humor, go-getter attitude, and all of her imperfections that make me like her even more.

Heather makes this series great and so fun to read. The side characters are lovable and the perfect sidekicks to the former pop star. I want to know more about her and why she is the way she is. One way Cabot lets us know her more is by introducing her father who has been in jail for two decades for tax evasion. There is one point where Heather talks about her coworkers and others in her life as the family that she lost. It was the fist time that I really understood why she jumps into investigations and puts herself in danger. Once I got that, i enjoyed it more.

Now, it is not a perfect book.  Some parts are silly and there are times Heather is really irritating and the kind of character you may want to smack. That said, it is a fun and fast read. It is pretty mindless..and I mean that in a good way!

I really look forward to reading more about Heather in the next book!


One Response to “Size 14 Is Not Fat Either by Meg Cabot”

  1. I need to check out this series! This sounds like a lot of fun to me!

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