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Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

Posted by Caitie F on April 23, 2011

Title: Boy Meets Boy
Author: David Levithan
Paperback: 185 pages
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Year Published: 2003
Rating: ++++

Summary (from David Levithan’s site):

A dippy, happy gay love story


Ok, so the summary tells you almost nothing, but that is all you really need to know about the story’s plot. It is a classic love story full of twists and turns, miscommunications, and fun characters.

The main focus is on Paul, a high schooler who has known he was gay since he was in kindergarten. His town is a utopia of sorts. Everyone is open about who they are. The quarterback wears a dress when off field (and wears it well), sexuality doesn’t matter to people, and labels are non-existent. Well, they exist but people are much more than what they are labeled and everyone actually knows that.

Since Paul knows he is gay, it isn’t a coming out story, which is very refreshing. He is falling in love, really for the first time. It is treated like a relationship. There are trust issues, and awkward moments, but it is never because a character is gay…it is just because that is what it is like at the beginning of any relationship.

Paul’s best friend Joni ditches him and all of her others friends for a new boyfriend who is kind of a jerk. While I was disappointed in her actions, it was very realistic and was treated that way. There are no big revelations in the book. No one gets up and suddenly changes everything they are for no reason. Everything is slow and reasonable. It was a different type of young adult novel.

I adored it. I thought it was very well-written and the story came together so well. I had lines where I laughed out loud or wanted to clap at the sentiment.

If you long for a world where labels have no meaning and people who are different can live together in relative peace, check out this book!


5 Responses to “Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan”

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  2. Amanda said

    This was the first book i read by Levithan and I loved it!

  3. This sounds like a great book for young people. Wouldn’t it be nice if our whole society was that accepting?

  4. Very nice review. I’ve only read one book by David Levithan, but he’s a great writer. I should check this book out, shouldn’t I? xD

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