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Perfect Fifths by Megan McCafferty

Posted by Caitie F on April 5, 2011

Title: Perfect Fifths
Author: Megan McCafferty
Hardcover: 255 pages
Publisher: Crown Publishers
Year Published: 2009
Rating: +++++

Summary (from me):

It has been three years since Jessica Darling (not the porn star) has seen her ex, Marcus Flutie. And the last time she did she rejected his proposal. Of course it is just her luck she runs into him, literally, at the airport when she is late. When she misses the flight and is stuck waiting at Newark International Airport, she and Marcus reconnect and really talk for the first time in years.


So apparently, there are a lot of fans of this series that absolutely hated this book. They didn’t like the side characters. They didn’t like the style. They thought it was the worst book in the series.

And I disagree 10000%. I thought this was the best book in the series and I have loved them all. Here is why

1. The style.

The first four books were all JEssica’s journals. This was not. It was a straight forward story with perspectives from both Jessica and Marcus. While it felt strange at first, it was explained why in the actual book. Jessica works for a group that encourages young people to tell their stories, but not in first person, but in third because that is how you tell important stories. That is how you explore what really happened. And that works for this book. It let’s marcus and Jessica talk because she isn’t writing in her journal. It lets the readers into Marcus’ head, a place that was off limits before. For a story as important as this one, it is perfect.

2. Jessica

She has grown throughout this series. She hasn’t lost her snarkiness or wit, but she has matured and grown in realistic and really exciting ways. I liked where she started but I love who she has become. I thought we could see that more in this book because we got to meet some side characters, like Sunny Dae. She actually cares about the girls in her program and what she is doing and it was great to see that side of Jessica.

3. Marcus

I finally got what Jessica saw in him, yes, him. I never got it before because I felt cut off from who he really is before this. But he is a great guy: hot, caring, sweet, insanely smart, and a perfect match for Jessica in every way. She is so strong that I never saw him as her equal until this book. Once I saw that about him, I was cheering and hoping for them the whole time!

This was just a fantastic book and a great series. I know McCafferty has a new book out that I will have to read because I love her style and intelligence.

I highly recommend this series, especially to women 17-26. It was great to get to read another book for true young adults that was not just about moving to the city and meeting the guy. It was something I could realte to and it felt like it was speaking to my age group in so many great ways!

8 Responses to “Perfect Fifths by Megan McCafferty”

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  2. Amanda said

    I haven’t read this series but I did really like her new one that comes out this month, Bumped.

  3. Linda said

    I really enjoyed this series especially Perfect Fifths. I agree with your review.

  4. I’m not familiar with this series and wonder if I’m too old for it. I hope you’re having a great birthday!

  5. irene said

    Sounds good to me, even though I’m old.

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