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Hide & Seek by James Patterson

Posted by Caitie F on February 15, 2011

Title: Hide & Seek
Author: James Patterson
Hardcover: 302 pages
Publisher: Doubleday
Year Published: 1996
ISBN: 0316693863
Rating: ++

Summary (from goodreads):

It was the trial that electrified the world. Not only because of the defendant, Maggie Bradford, the woman whose songs captivated the world’s heart. Not only because of the victim, Will Shepard, the world’s most glamorous athlete. But also because everyone said Maggie had murdered not just one husband, but two. And because in Maggie’s world–the world she feared and despised but could not escape, the world of the powerful, the rich, and the ruthless–both death and life could never be what they seemed.


I got this at the library as part of the Blind Date with a Book. I was happy to get it because I have wanted to try a Patterson books for a while, and i wanted to make sure it was an early one so he actually wrote it.

It was a very meh mystery. I figured out what happened way before it was revealed, which is always disappointing in a mystery. It is good when there are hints towards it, but it was very obvious and predictable.

I will say that Patterson can write a character the feels complex and real. Maggie is vulnerable, smart, and loving. She is a character who you want to win in the end. The villain is VERY villainous, scary, and disturbing: all in all, the best kind of villain there is.

I am a little disappointed that the book was so disappointing. His style does not really work for me. Why split a scene across multiple chapters instead of making it make more sense and having it in just one chapter? I get the short chapters, it makes it a fast read and easy to stop. That said, chapters can be too short and not make sense, and that is how it was here..

I will give The Jester a try because i have heard it is probably his best, but I will not be reading through his entire collection.


One Response to “Hide & Seek by James Patterson”

  1. Patterson’s books are good for a quick beach read.

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