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TSS: Being Human

Posted by Caitie F on February 13, 2011

How was everyone’s week? Mine was stressful: between an interview and trying to figure out unemployment and starting to jump through the hoops I need a break. It hasn’t even started  yet and I want to bash my head against a wall.

But I am getting by. I have been watching some TV and am LOVING the TV Show Being Human. It was originally on the BBC, but there is a new version on SyFy, which is the one I am watching.

It has everything I love in fantasy/paranormal shows. It has a ghost trying to deal with with being dead and watching her loved ones move on too. She is probably my favorite character and has my favorite arc so far in the show. It has a realistic feeling, even though it is a fantastical element – unless you guys can all just imagine yourself somewhere and you are there too. If so, please share your talents because that would save a LOT on gas.

It has a vampire that acts like a vampire. He doesn’t have to stay out of the sun, but it is because of evolution. Not just because the creators decided it, they have a reason! He tries to just have blood he takes from the hospital (I am hoping he never takes the rare types), but he slips up and does bad things. Usually, he is a cool guy trying to do his best and be there for his friends. There is a bishop of the vampires (yay Jacob from Lost!), but he isn’t too pretty, kicks a bunch of ass, and helps keep them a secret.

Then there is a guy who is a werewolf. I assumed he would be the least interesting character of the show because i am not a big fan of men that hairy and vicious, but his story has been pretty cool so far. Between almost killing his sister and telling her to stay away from him to dealing with his animalistic feelings, he has become pretty fun to watch. It helps that he is funny and kind of nerdy – not what I would expect for a werewolf!

This show has great, complex characters and story lines. It is what I want to see in paranormal books, but haven’t lately. These three aren’t predictable like so many seem to be. The whole show is about them trying to be and stay human. They need to remember those human emotions an feelings so they can manage not to give in to their paranormal side. They struggle with it, just like we all struggle with the tough things in life. They screw up, but that is what makes them interesting.

Have you watched this show (either BBC or Syfy)? What do you think? Do you like your paranormals more para or more normal? Let me know in the comments.


One Response to “TSS: Being Human”

  1. Caryn said

    My mom and I have been watching the SyFy show, and so far it is pretty cool. I tried watching the BBC version, but I didn’t like the style (I guess I’m not that used to European shows). So far, I like it, but it’s not my favorite show. But, I agree, the characters are awesome!

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