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Across the Universe Release and The “Launch” of the Good Ship Godspeed!

Posted by Caitie F on January 11, 2011

This is the most excited I have been about a release since Harry Potter. I got the chance to read the first 50 pages of this novel while I was at my internship. it was the example of what is “good enough” to send on to the agent. And WOW was it amazing. I wanted to read the rest right away. I have been waiting for 10 months and the wait is finally over!

Penguin has been doing an awesome job pushing this amazing book, so I wanted to join them in the release date festivities!

Here are a few things you should check out and if they don’t convince you to check out this book, nothing will!

Beth Revis did a did for today

The Launch of the ship. You can check out the ship by heading to the Penguin site. It is so cool to see all the different levels of  the ship. I think the farm is pretty awesome!

The did a fantastic trailer 

If you want more on the book there are plenty of places to check out.

The Across the Universe facebook page

The Across the Universe website

Beth’s website, blog (that has had some amazing giveaways), and twitter (she is super fun to follow on twitter!).

If that hasn’t convinced you, head over to They will be posting a 111 pg excerpt from 11:11 AM Eastern to 11:11 PM Eastern on 01.11.11.

You can check out more on from Penguin Teen by looking at their site, twitter, and facebook fan page, which I highly recommend because they are doing a lot to promote their books!

I am heading to get my copy tonight as long as the snow holds off! I really look forward to reading and reviewing this book and the rest of the books in the series!


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