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Why I Want to Be In…Publicity

Posted by Caitie F on January 4, 2011

It has been a while since I wrote one of the posts in this series, but I really wanted to continue it. Originally, eBooks were going to be next, but I have found I am just not passionate about them. I tried writing it three or four times, so I guess it just won’t happen. I would work in eBooks, though!

A lot of people think about Marketing and Publicity and one thing, when really they are two separate thing/. Some publishers put them in a group together, and yes, they do need to work together, but they are really two different jobs. Marketing is about paid advertisements, placement, and ways to get a book out there. Publicity tends to be what authors get that doesn’t cost as much.

Of course, there is overlap. Advanced Readers Copies cost money, but are usually distributed by publicity, which is one big reason I want to go into Publicity. Finding the right people to review a book early is so important to the early success of a book. With so many blogs and new media popping up, you don’t just send them off to newspapers anymore. You have to juggle people who are requesting copies with people who you seek out. I know a lot of book bloggers get to many or get books that they aren’t interested in. I think there are so many issues with this because publicists are still figuring out blogging and really need people who understand how to effectively get ARCs out there.

Publicists also have to be persuasive. They have to ask people for a lot of things: if their author can be on a TV show, if their author can do a signing at the bookstore, or if the major newspaper will review this book over all the others. It is a lot of give and take and a lot of negotiating to find the best way to publicize the books. There is a lot of matching the right people to the right thing, and it is something I love doing.

I think publicity would be a great department for me because I love sharing books with people and learning who would love a certain book and it is a great opportunity to do that. It is also an area that allows for great creativity. How should twitter and facebook be used to publicize a book? What about message boards or fan communities? What are the most creative and effective giveaways? Can conferences help? All of these are questions publicists have to answer every day. It is an ever-changing field and I have some great ideas how to increase the effectiveness of publicizing books.

The final reason I want to be in publicity is because it is something new and different every day on the job and it is a very fast-paced job. You can work with all different types of books and people.

To see why I am interested in other publishing careers, check out the intro post with links to the other areas.



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