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Sunday Salon: A Day Late!

Posted by Caitie F on December 27, 2010

I am a day late on this one – it has been a busy weekend. We are in Ohio with my family still – our part of NJ got around 20 inches of snow so we are staying an extra day and a half and driving halfway tomorrow. It is Jason’s birthday, so I feel really badly that he has to drive during it, but there is a really good restaurant in the town we are staying in, so at least we will have that! We also won’t get to see a good friend of ours that is in town for a very short amount of time, so that is disappointing. I don’t like losing the hours at work – they are closed today and of course I didn’t bring my computer home so I can work there…oops.

Christmas was good – whole family was here and it was good to see everyone. Not many bookish gifts – just a sewing book and a book called How to Sew a Button: And Other Things Your Grandmother Knew How to Do. I was hoping for a gift card, but didn’t get one. We are heading to a bookstore today anyway!

I will be getting together my best of 2010 list sometime today and posting it Dec 31st. I am looking forward to it!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is staying warm and safe.


4 Responses to “Sunday Salon: A Day Late!”

  1. Amanda said

    Well there’s another small little coincidence we have. Your Jason’s birthday is on Dec 27th. My Jason’s sister’s birthday is on Dec 27th…

  2. don’t bother trying to make your way home to jersey until spring! 🙂 lol. i live near the beach (monmouth/ocean county) and we are BURIED. it’s kind of nice to be trapped at home, though. hope you had a nice holiday!

    • Caitie F said

      We are back and it wasn’t too bad – other than my car being buried! We are in Mercer County and got pounded! My husband is a teacher, so he thinks the storm was a waste since there was no school!

      Hope you enjoy being forced in the house

  3. Erin said

    I hope your drive was uneventful. I’m still in Ohio, heading back after the 1st. Happy New Year!

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