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Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

Posted by Caitie F on December 16, 2010

Title: Inkdeath
Author: Cornelia Funke
Hardcover: 682 pages
Publisher: Chicken House (Scholastic)
Year Publisher:  2008
ISBN: 043988286
Rating: ++

Summary (from goodreads):

Ever since the extraordinary events of Inkspell, when the enchanted book Inkheart drew Meggie and her father, Mo, into its chapters, life in the Inkworld has been more tragic than magical. Dustfinger is dead, having sacrificed his life for his apprentice’s, and now, under the rule of the evil Adderhead, the fairy-tale land is in bloody chaos, its characters far beyond the control of Fenoglio, their author. Facing the threat of eternal winter, Mo inks a dangerous deal with Death itself. There yet remains a faint hope of changing the cursed story—if only he can fills its pages fast enough.


The first book was by far the best in the series. I couldn’t help but be disappointed in this last book. Just like the second book, I was not as connected to the characters. Mostly, Meggie fell to the side too much in this book, and when she was around, she was a whining brat, not the Meggie I loved in Inkheart. She complained about Farid, even though she acted the same way as hit with her father. She complained about her father’s actions, even though she knew he would never let children die for him. She was not longer a protagonist or an interesting character, which was disappointing because I loved her at the beginning of the series.

This book also felt unnecessarily long. I am fine with books that are almost 700 pages if it all feel likes it should be there. There were just too many parts that felt like they were filler and just keeping the reader from finding out how the series ended.

I liked that we saw the perspective of so many characters. I usually enjoy seeing the story play out from many eyes. That said, this is what added to the unnecessary parts that felt like filler. We went to Orpheus’ perspective too many times. It would have been more interesting and exciting if we had not seen his actions or thoughts because then there would have been some suspense in the book.

It was an enjoyable end and I liked seeing how they defeated Adderhead, but I think there was too much plot and not enough thought given to the reader. It felt very self-indulgent, like Funke was actually acting like her villain Orpheus and basking in this world she could create.

It was a very disappointing end. I kind of wish that it hadn’t been a series and had only been Inkheart because the other two books did not live up to the first.

Did you read it? Did you think it worked better as a series? Let me know why in the comments, I would love someone to convince me I am wrong!


One Response to “Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke”

  1. My sister loves this series, but I’m not a fan of fantasy, so I always figured it wasn’t for me.

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