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Holiday Review: Christmas on Jane Street

Posted by Caitie F on December 6, 2010

Title: Christmas on Jane Street
Author: Billy Romp
Hardcover:  160 pages
Publisher: William Morrow (HarperCollins)
Year Published: 1998
ISBN: 0688164420
Rating: ++++

Summary (from me):

This is the true story of a family that brings a little of Vermont to a New York City corner every year with their Christmas trees.  This year is special, because Billy has to deal with his oldest (and only) daughter growing up and becoming a young woman who is more interested in seeing the Nutcracker with her friend than being the tomboy he is used to. It is a story of transformation, love, and family


If you are looking for a feel-good Christmas story, you found one! I think I got this book in 1998, when I was 11 (my parents didn’t write in this one, so I can’t be sure).  The writing isn’t anything special, but is that really what we look for in light Christmas reads? It is nice, but is not the most important thing.

The thing that makes me smile the most is that this entire story is true, including the kindness of New Yorkers: from the meter maid that keeps forgetting to fine them to the bakery that gives the family free food and electricity, this story is full of kindness from others. The Romps repay the kindness by making sure they always have a toolbox with them.

The conflict is something many parents can relate to, and it all ends well. If you are looking for a sweet, light read that you will finish quickly, this is a great choice.

I did some research online this morning about the family, and Patti and Billy have separated. Patti sells trees in Brooklyn now, and the Jane Street stand has grown and there are now eight stands throughout the city. I also found out that it was originally Patti that pushed for the stand and her family runs stands around the city also. Ellie is 23 and has three children (what a change from the Ellie from 12 years ago!).

I wish I could go into New York City to see the stands that bring a little magic and small-town charm to New York!



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  1. This sounds delightful!

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