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The Holidays Start!

Posted by Caitie F on December 1, 2010

The Holidays Start!


Tonight is the first night of Channukah, so the holidays are officially starting in our house. I didn’t do eight things for my husband this year, we will do three for the beginning, middle, and end. We will like the menorah each night (well, turn the light bulb since it is electric). Jason is even going to make potato pancakes (which I am VERY excited about!).

Last year, I wrote a very long post about the holidays. I am glad I did it then, because I am not really as into it this year, which is disappointing. Our artificial tree still was not up on Monday, neither were any decorations. I have two batches of cookies made, and the cards are all sent out, but I am not feeling the spirit. I have listened to music and even watched a couple of specials. But…the usual excitement is not there.

I think part of it is that this will be our first Christmas without my grandpa. Last year was such a nice holiday, partially because we knew it might be the last one with him. While making my list of presents to buy, it seems strange not to have “Grandpa”.  We will all miss him a lot this year.

It might also be because we will not be in Ohio for very long, just the 24th-26th. I like spending time with my family, but it just seems like I am getting less and less. I don’t even get to see my friends in that time. My best friend just bought a house, so I have to find a time to see it, but we won’t really get to spend time together, which is very disappointing.

I am going to try and reread some of my favorite Christmas books – Let It Snow, Skipping Christmas, and The Polar Express. I may have to watch some more movies. I just want out of this funk, so I can enjoy the holidays.

What are your favorite Christmas books and movies that I should read and watch? Please help me out!



3 Responses to “The Holidays Start!”

  1. I’m not feeling the spirit much this year either. My father’s health has been declining and he’s been bed-ridden since June and it’s sapped my spirit. Hopefully, the spirit will hit both of us soon!

  2. :) said

    Likewise spirit-challenged this holiday season. Sorry to hear about your loss.

    I recommend A Christmas Carol — the book by Dickens and the TV movie version starring George C. Scott. Both excellent.

    The Grinch is another favorite — the animated special and the book.

    And Charlie Brown. Can’t think of any others at the moment but they’ll come to me as soon as I click “post”.


  3. Carrie said

    I enjoyed “The Christmas Box” by Richard Paul Evans.

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