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Thankfully Reading

Posted by Caitie F on November 23, 2010

I know it is a very last minute sign-up, but I have decided to participate in the Thankfully Reading Weekend!

This lovely idea is hosted by Jen from Devourer of Books as an excuse to do an obscene amount of reading over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

There aren’t any rules, it is just to try to get some reading done, finish challenges, etc. There will be mini-challenges which I hope to participate in.

Since there aren’t any real rules, I am going to set some goals for myself.

1. Read at least 12 hours this weekend

2. Finish Feast of the Goat by Mario Vargas Llosa for my book club and jot down some discussion ideas.

3. Other than that book, only read books I own

4. Read one YA book

5. Finish Jane Eyre since I have been on a 3 month break.

Those seem pretty reasonable goals!

If you want to join (and you really should!) head over to the sign-up post!


6 Responses to “Thankfully Reading”

  1. Have a great weekend in books!

  2. Yay! I’m glad to hear you are participating!

  3. Beth F said

    The sign up in on Jenn’s Bookshelves — So happy to see you are joining in.

  4. Amanda said

    I didn’t get a chance to read for this but what a great event! Happy Thanksgiving to you Caitie!

  5. Erin said

    I would love to participate in this, but I’m at my parents’ house with all of my siblings…I never get any reading done in that situation! I like your goals, especially how non-specific they are — lots of room for choice. Happy reading!

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